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ResidentPixelMemory Properties

The ResidentPixelMemory type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDisposed
Indicates whether or the PixelMemory has been disposed.
(Inherited from PixelMemory.)
Public propertyHeight
Returns the height of the image represented.
(Inherited from PixelMemory.)
Public propertyIsContiguous
Returns true.
Public propertyCode exampleIsLocked
Indicates whether or not the PixelMemory is currently locked.
(Inherited from PixelMemory.)
Protected propertyLLPixelMemoryStart
Returns a pointer to the start of memory.
Protected propertyOffsetToFirstScanline
Returns an offset to the first scanline of the image.
Public propertyPixelData
Returns a pointer to the first scanline in the image.
Public propertyRowStride
Returns the number of bytes in a row of this image. The number is always rounded up to the next multiple of 4.
(Inherited from PixelMemory.)
Protected propertySizeInBytes
Returns the number of bytes used by the memory for this image.
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