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importPortTypeChannel Properties

The importPortTypeChannel type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowInitializationUI
Gets or sets a value indicating whether DisplayInitializationUI attempts to call the IInteractiveChannelInitializer objects in the InteractiveChannelInitializers property or throws if that collection is not empty.
(Inherited from IClientChannel.)
Public propertyAllowOutputBatching
Gets or sets a value that instructs Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to store a set of messages before giving the messages to the transport.
(Inherited from IContextChannel.)
Public propertyDidInteractiveInitialization
Gets a value indicating whether a call was done to a user interface to obtain credential information.
(Inherited from IClientChannel.)
Public propertyExtensions
Gets a collection of extension objects for this extensible object.
(Inherited from IExtensibleObjectIContextChannel.)
Public propertyInputSession
Gets the input session for the channel.
(Inherited from IContextChannel.)
Public propertyLocalAddress
Gets the local endpoint for the channel.
(Inherited from IContextChannel.)
Public propertyOperationTimeout
Gets or sets the time period within which an operation must complete or an exception is thrown.
(Inherited from IContextChannel.)
Public propertyOutputSession
Gets the output session associated with the channel, if any.
(Inherited from IContextChannel.)
Public propertyRemoteAddress
Gets the remote address associated with the channel.
(Inherited from IContextChannel.)
Public propertySessionId
Returns an identifier for the current session, if any.
(Inherited from IContextChannel.)
Public propertyState
Gets the current state of the communication-oriented object.
(Inherited from ICommunicationObject.)
Public propertyVia
Gets the URI that contains the transport address to which messages are sent on the client channel.
(Inherited from IClientChannel.)
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