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ThumbnailControlProperties Properties

The ThumbnailControlProperties type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActivation
Public propertyAllowDrop
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to allow items to be dropped onto it.
Public propertyArrowKeyAction
Gets or sets the action taken when an arrow key is pressed.
Public propertyAsynchronous
Public propertyAutoDragDrop
Public propertyBackColor
Gets or sets the background color of the control.
Public propertyCaptionFormat
Public propertyCaptionLines
Public propertyCaptionSpacing
Public propertyContextMenu
Gets or sets the ContextMenu for the control.
Public propertyContextMenuStrip
Gets or sets the ContextMenuStrip to use for the control.
Public propertyCursor
Gets or sets the Cursor for the control.
Public propertyDisplayText
Public propertyDragDistanceTrigger
Public propertyDragDropMode
Public propertyDragSelectionColor
Public propertyDropPositionIndicator
Gets or sets the type of position indicator used for drag drop operations.
Public propertyEnableMouseWheel
Public propertyErrorImage
Public propertyFocusedItem
Public propertyFont
Gets or sets the Font used for the captions.
Public propertyForeColor
Gets or sets the color used for the captions.
Public propertyGrabFocusOnMouseEnter
Public propertyHighlightBackgroundColor
Public propertyHighlightBrush
Public propertyHighlightTextColor
Public propertyHoverItem
Public propertyItems
Public propertyLabelEdit
Public propertyLoadErrorMessage
Public propertyLoadMethod
Public propertyMargins
Public propertyMaxWorkerThreads
Public propertyPlaceholderImage
Gets or sets the image used as a placeholder for the thumbnails that have not been loaded.
Public propertyPlaceholderMessage
Gets or sets the message to render as a placeholder for thumbnails that have not been loaded.
Public propertySelectedIndicies
Public propertySelectedItems
Public propertySelectedItemsOrder
Public propertySelectedItemStyle
Public propertySelectionMode
Public propertySelectionRectangleBackColor
Public propertySelectionRectangleDashStyle
Public propertySelectionRectangleLineColor
Public propertySortBy
Public propertySortOrder
Public propertySpacing
Public propertyThumbnailBackground
Public propertyThumbnailLayout
Public propertyThumbnailOffset
Public propertyThumbnailSize
Public propertyToolTipControl
Public propertyTopItem
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