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IsisDataAcquiredEventArgs Properties

The IsisDataAcquiredEventArgs type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBitsPerSample
Gets the number of bits per sample.
Public propertyCompression
Gets a compression scheme used on the image.
Public propertyData
Gets the image data.
Public propertyHandled
Gets the value indicating whether the event is handled.
Public propertyOrientation
Gets the image orientation.
Public propertyPaletteData
Gets the image palette data.
Public propertyPhotometric
Gets the color space of the image.
Public propertyPlanarConfiguration
Gets the way how the components of each pixel are stored.
Public propertyResolution
Gets the image resolution.
Public propertyResolutionUnit
Gets resolution units.
Public propertySamplesPerPixel
Gets the number of samples per pixel.
Public propertySize
Gets the image size.
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