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BasicOcrGlyphAccessor Properties

The BasicOcrGlyphAccessor type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBaseline
This property represents the baseline of the text in pixels relative to the source image.
Public propertyBounds
This property represents the bounding box of the glyph in pixels relative to the source image.
Public propertyChar
The unicode representation of this glyph.
Public propertyColor
This property represents the color of this glyph.
Public propertyConfidence
This property represents the confidence with which this glyph was recognized by the engine, ranging from 0.0 (no confidence) to 1.0 (complete confidence).
Public propertyGlyph
This property allows the constructor of OcrGlyph to hook the OcrGlyph into the IOcrGlyphAccessor.
Public propertyIsSingleton
Checks to see if the glyph is represented by more than one letter.
Public propertyText
This property is a string represents the text of this glyph.
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