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OcrGlyph Properties

The OcrGlyph type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAccessor
The IOcrGlyphAccessor associated with this object.
Public propertyAlternates
The best alternatives to this glyph that were considered by the engine
Public propertyBaseline
The baseline of the text, in pixels from the top of the source image.
Public propertyBounds
The bounding box of the glyph, in pixels coordinates in the source image.
Public propertyChar
This glyph, as a Unicode character
Public propertyCodepoint
The Unicode codepoint of this glyph.
Public propertyColor
The color of this glyph.
Public propertyConfidence
The confidence with which this glyph was recognized by the engine, ranging from 0.0 (no confidence) to 1.0 (complete confidence).
Public propertyStatic memberDefaultImprintFontName
The default font to use. Default is Arial.
Public propertyIsSingleton
True if this glyph represents a single character.
Public propertyText
This glyph, as a string
Public propertyTextKind
The Kind of text for the OcrLine. MachinePrint, HandPrint, Any. OcrTextKind
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