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OcrTextRegion Properties

The OcrTextRegion type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBounds
This property represents the bounds of the Region in pixels.
(Inherited from OcrRegion.)
Public propertyConfidence
This property represents the overall confidence with which the text was recognized.
Public propertyExpectedSymbolSet
Gets or sets expected symbol set for the text region.
Public propertyIsRectangular
Gets a value indicating whether region is rectangular or not.
(Inherited from OcrRegion.)
Public propertyLines
This property provides access to individual lines of text within the region.
Public propertyPolygonBounds
This property represents the bounds of the Region.
(Inherited from OcrRegion.)
Public propertyRotation
This property represents the orientation of the text region, expressed as a rotation.
Public propertyTextKind
Gets or sets kind of the text within the text sregion.
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