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PdfPageInfo Properties

The PdfPageInfo type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCompressionSelector
The CompressionSelector is a delegate that is used to choose the compression for an image.
Public propertyGenerateThumbnails
Determines whether or not a thumbnail will be generated for this page.
Public propertyOutputType
Determines the output style for this page.
Public propertyPageImage
A PdfImageTicket that represents the full image for this page.
Public propertyPdfPageSize
The dimensions of the output page in PDF page units (1/72 of an inch)
Public propertyTextColor
Determines the default color for text on the page.
Public propertyThumbnailImage
Determines the image that will be used for a thumbnail for a page.
Public propertyUseDocumentTextColor
Indicates that the color determined by the document is what will be used for final output.
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