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CmsInformation Properties

The CmsInformation type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCertificates
Gets the certificates collection. This represents the certificate or chain of certificates used to sign the document. The actual signer will always be the first.
Public propertyContentDigestMethod
Gets the content digest method that will be used to create a message digest of the PDF file.

Note that this is currently only used for signature creation and not for reflecting the method used in a signed file.

Public propertyContentDigestMethodIsSupported
Gets a value indicating whether the ContentDigestMethod is supported by the provided certificate if it is supported, it will be used as is. If it is unsupported, at the time of saving the document (in PdfDocument or PdfGeneratedDocument) or signing (in PdfDocumentSigner), the UnsupportedContentDigestAlgorithmAction will be invoked.
Public propertyUnsupportedContentDigestAlgorithmAction
Gets the action that will be taken when the ContentDigestMethod is not supported.
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