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GeneralReview Properties

The GeneralReview type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberAcceptedStateIndex
Gets the index of the accepted state.
Public propertyStatic memberCancelledStateIndex
Gets the index of the cancelled state.
Public propertyStatic memberCompletedStateIndex
Gets the index of the completed state.
Public propertyCurrentState
Gets or sets the current review state. This index is used to select a valid state from the set of available review states in ValidStates
(Inherited from ReviewProcess.)
Public propertyStatic memberNoneStateIndex
Gets the index of the none state.
Public propertyProcessName
Gets the name of the review process. Returns "Review".
(Overrides ReviewProcessProcessName.)
Public propertyStatic memberRejectedStateIndex
Gets the index of the rejected state.
Public propertyStateName
Gets the name of the current review state.
(Inherited from ReviewProcess.)
Public propertyValidStates
Gets the valid states for this ReviewProcess
(Inherited from ReviewProcess.)
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