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PdfForm Properties

The PdfForm type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDefaultAppearance
Gets or sets the default text appearance for all child fields in the form (if not otherwise specified)..
Public propertyFieldCalculationSequence
Gets the field calculation sequence. If form fields contain a field calculation, the order of calculation can be specified by this list. A PDF viewer will perform the recalculation based on the order of this list.
Public propertyFields
Gets the fields present in this form. Any BaseWidgetAnnotation objects in the Fields tree must also be contained in an Annotations collection on a page in the document.
Public propertyFormHasSignatures
Gets a value indicating whether form has signature fields.
Public propertyIsEmpty
Gets a value indicating whether there are any fields in this form.
Public propertySavingWillInvalidateSignatures
Gets a value indicating whether saving the document will invalidate signatures.
Public propertyTextAlignment
Gets or sets the text alignment for all child fields in the form (if not otherwise specified).
Public propertyCode exampleXFA
Gets a collection of StoredStream objects that represent packets of XFA data contained within a PDF Document. Each StoredStream will contain XML data that represents the XFA data. XFA may be contained within a single stream or within a collection of packets, each of which represents a subsection of the XFA model.
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