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PdfGeneratedDocument Properties

The PdfGeneratedDocument type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAdditionalActions
Gets the list of additional actions that may be performed by a document.
Public propertyAdjustPdfVersionAsNeeded
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to adjust PDF version as needed. If the document is saved using features that surpass the version of the PDF spec to adhere to specified in PdfVersion, this will automatically adjust the version to match.
Public propertyAllowSavingOfPreviouslySignedDocuments
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to allow previously signed documents to be signed. Default value is false. If set to false, if DocumentWasSigned is true, calling Save will throw a PdfException. If set to true and DocumentWasSigned is true, calling Save will not throw an exception, but will create an invalid PDF which may still render correctly.
Public propertyAutomaticValidateAndRepairBeforeSave
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the document should attempt to automatically repair issues that may generate incorrect PDF.
Public propertyBookmarkTree
Gets or sets the bookmark tree.
Public propertyDisplayMode
Gets or sets the display mode that will be used for this document.
Public propertyDocumentCertification
Gets or sets the information used to certify the document.
Public propertyDocumentWasSigned
Gets a value indicating whether the document contained a digital signature when opened.
Public propertyEmbedGeneratedContent
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to embed Generated content allowing a PdfGeneratedDocument to be reconstructed from a PDF.
Public propertyEncryptMetadata
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to encrypt metadata.
Public propertyForm
Gets or sets the form object for the document. By default, this is null.
Public propertyCode exampleGlobalJavaScriptActions
Gets the global java script actions that will be executed when the PDF document is opened. This is initialized to an empty collection.
Public propertyMetadata
Gets the document's metadata.
Public propertyOwnerPassword
Gets or sets the owner password.
Public propertyPages
Gets the pages of the document.
Public propertyPdfVersion
Gets or sets the desired PDF version for the output document. Currently, this will accept values from 1.0 to 1.8 in increments of 0.1. Other values will be rejected. Defaults to 1.4.
Public propertyPermissions
Gets or sets the permissions.
Public propertyRepairOptions
Gets the repair options that will be used for the document.
Public propertyResources
Gets or sets the global resources.
Public propertySelfPrinting
Gets or sets a value indicating whether will self print upon opening.
Public propertyUserPassword
Gets or sets the user password.
Public propertyCode exampleValidationChooser
Gets or sets the validation chooser. This is a delegate that is used if AutomaticValidateAndRepairBeforeSave is true to choose to repair detected problems or not. The delegate will be called for each problem in turn. If the delegate returns true, the problem will be repaired.
If ValidationChooser is set to null, only problems of Serious or less will be repaired. If there are any remaining problems, this will cause a PdfException to be thrown containing all the problems detected.
doc.ValidationChooser = PdfGeneratedDocument.MakeValidationSeverityChooser(Severity.Minor);
Public propertyViewerPreferences
Gets or sets the viewer preferences for this PDF document. PdfViewerPreferences control coarse levels of document and page level user interaction such as the reading order of the document and print characteristics.
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