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DrawingTemplate Properties

The DrawingTemplate type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBounds
Gets or sets the bounds for the template. All drawing will be limited to the interior of the bounds.
Public propertyColorSpace
Gets or sets the color space preferred by the template. In general, this is used by the PDF viewer when the template is rendered transparently. In such a case, the template will be rendered to this color space before compositing with other elements.
Public propertyDrawingList
Gets the drawing list that represents shapes in the template.
Public propertyICCResourceName
Gets or sets the name of the ICC resource to be used as a ColorSpace if the template should be rendered with a calibrated color space.
Public propertyImportedFonts
If the template was imported from an existing PDF, this will contain a list of fonts that were successfully imported into the resource dictionary.
Public propertyKind
Gets or sets the kind of drawing template. Currently only Normal or Transparency are supported.
Public propertyTransformationMatrix
Gets or sets the transformation matrix that maps the coordinates of elements in the template to the surface on which it's drawn. The default is the identity matrix.
Public propertyTransparencyIsIsolated
Gets or sets a value indicating whether transparency for this template will be isolated from the rest of the backdrop.
Public propertyTransparencyIsKnockout
Gets or sets a value indicating whether transparency is a knockout, meaning that it will be composited with the template's backdrop rather than preceding elements in the template.
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