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JpegMarkerTypes Enumeration

Defines the types of Jpeg Markers that can be saved as a data chunk inside a Jpeg image.

Namespace:  Atalasoft.Imaging.Metadata
Assembly:  Atalasoft.dotImage (in Atalasoft.dotImage.dll) Version: (.NET 4.5.2, x86)
public enum JpegMarkerTypes
  Member nameDescription
MarkerApp1 The APP1 JPEG Marker commonly associated with EXIF data
MarkerApp2 The APP2 JPEG Marker.
MarkerApp3 The APP3 JPEG Marker.
MarkerApp4 The APP4 JPEG Marker.
MarkerApp5 The APP5 JPEG Marker.
MarkerApp6 The APP6 JPEG Marker.
MarkerApp7 The APP7 JPEG Marker.
MarkerApp8 The APP8 JPEG Marker.
MarkerApp9 The APP9 JPEG Marker.
MarkerApp10 The APP10 JPEG Marker.
MarkerApp11 The APP11 JPEG Marker.
MarkerApp12 The APP12 JPEG Marker.
MarkerApp13 The APP13 JPEG Marker commonly associated with IPTC data.
MarkerApp14 The APP14 JPEG Marker.
AllMarkers All markers OR'd together.
These markers contain binary information such as Exif and Iptc Data.
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