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IsisSetting Enumeration

Available settings for ISIS.

Namespace:  Atalasoft.Isis
Assembly:  Atalasoft.dotImage.Isis (in Atalasoft.dotImage.Isis.dll) Version: (.NET 4.5.2, x86)
public enum IsisSetting
  Member nameDescription
BarcodeAvailability and status of barcode detection.
BarcodeAutoReadFrontTurns barcode detection on front side in a duplex scan.
BarcodeAutoReadBackTurns barcode detection on back side in a duplex scan.
BarcodeChecksumEnables barcode checksum verification.
BarcodeDataChecksumTells whether barcode checksum is correct..
BarcodeDataHeightBarcode height.
BarcodeDataOrientationBarcode orientation.
BarcodeDataQualityContains barcode recognition quality.
BarcodeDataSearchTimeBarcode search time.
BarcodeDataTextDecoded barcode string.
BarcodeDataTypeBarcode type. See IsisBarcodeType for possible values.
BarcodeDataWidthBarcode width.
BarcodeDataXPositionBarcode X position.
BarcodeDataYPositionBarcode Y position.
BarcodeEmphasisBarcode enhancement options. See IsisBarcodeEmphasis for possible values.
BarcodeExactLengthBarcode length.
BarcodeExamineAutomatically examine page for barcodes.
BarcodeExpectedHeightExpected barcode height in mm.
BarcodeExpectedWidthExpected barcode width in mm.
BarcodeFindMaxMaximum number of barcodes to find on a page.
BarcodeImageQualityQuality of image from wich barcode shoul dbe read. See IsisBarcodeImageQuality for possible values.
BarcodeMaxCountMaximum bars for a code to be considered valid..
BarcodeMaxOnLineMaximum number of barcodes on a line.
BarcodeMaxOnPageMaximum number of barcodes on a page.
BarcodeMaxRatioMaximum ration between wide bars and narrow bars.
BarcodeMinCharsMaximum characters in a barcode.
BarcodeMinCountMinimum bars needed for a code to be considered valid.
BarcodeMinHeightMinimum height of barcode in mm.
BarcodeMinOnPageMinimum number of barcodes on a page.
BarcodeMinWidthMinimum width of barcode in mm.
BarcodeSearchCountTells how many times to search for one tag.
BarcodeSearchDirectionBarcode search direction. See IsisBarcodeSearchDirection for possible values.
BarcodeSearchLinearTells whether to search barcodes from top to bottom instead of middle to edge.
BarcodeSearchModeBarcode search order. See IsisBarcodeSearchMode for possible values.
BarcodeSearchOrderString representation of barcode search order.
BarcodeSearchOrientationExpected orientation for barcode.
BarcodeSearchTimeBarcode search time.
BarcodeSearchXX position to start search for barcodes.
BarcodeSearchYY position to start search for barcodes.
BarcodeSkewNumber of degrees of barcode skew (0-45).
BarcodeTypeMICR type.
BarcodeTypeCountNumber of MICR types.
BarcodeWidthNumber of pixels of the smallest barcode.
BellScanner's bell status.
BitsPerSampleNumber of bits per sample.
BlueBrightnessBlue brightness settings.
BlueContrastBlue contrast settings.
BrightnessBrightness settings.
ColorMapColor map for palette color images.
CompressionData compression settings.
ConfigurationDriver defined user configuration names.
ContrastContrast settings.
ControlSheetDefines scanner behavior when control sheet is detected.
DataOrientationOrientation of image data.
DitherDither settings.
EmphasisEmphasis settings. See IsisEmphasis for possible values.
EndorserTextString to be printed by scanner's endorser.
FeederProvides information about scanner's feeder. See IsisDocumentFeeder for possible values.
FeederFeedIndicates that scanner has a feeder.
FeederPauseModeConfigures scanner behavior in case when scanahead is turned off in the middle of a scanahead batch.
FeederStopModeTells a scanner whether it should stop immediately when user hits stop button, or wait for the current page to go through the feeder.
FeederTimeoutNumber of seconds that scanner tries to read next page before reporting that feeder is empty.
FileTypeType of image file. See IsisFileType for possible values.
FillOrderLogical order of bits in a byte.
GammaGamma curve adjustment for scanning.
GreenBrightnessGreen brightness settings.
GreenContrastGreen contrast settings.
ImageLengthNumber of rows in the image.
ImageWidthNumber of columns in the image.
InsertModeAllows to specify whether to create, overwrite, append, or insert when writing a file.
JobSeparatorDetectedJob separation sheet detection status.
JobSeparatorDetectionJob separation detection mode. See IsisJobSeparatorDetection for possible values.
MaximumPageCountMaximum number of pages that can be loaded in scanner's ADF.
MixedScanning Is supported by the scanner, allows to specify whether to capture dithered binary data from non-textual areas of the page, and non-dithered binary data from textual areas.
MoreSettingsIndicates whether the scanner driver implements More Settings dialog.
OrientationImage orientation.
OutlineOutline settings.
OutputAuthorDocument author.
OutputCreatorDocument creator.
OutputKeywordsDocument keywords.
OutputNameOutput file name.
OutputSubjectDocument subject.
OutputTitleDocument title.
OverscanOverscan area color in black or white.
OverscanColorOverscan area color as an RGB.
PageScanTimeoutMaximum time in 1/10 seconds required to scan a page.
PageSizeScanner page size setting.
PhotometricInterpretationColor space of image data. See IsisPhotometric for possible values.
PlanarConfigurationSpecifies arrangement of the components of an RGB image. See IsisPlanarConfiguration for possible values.
PositionXDistance from the left edge of the page to the start of the image.
PositionYDistance from the dop edge of the page to the start of the image.
RedBrightnessRed brightness settings.
RedContrastRed contrast settings.
RemoveBlackPagesSpecifies whether to remove black pages.
RemoveBlackPageThresholdContains threshold for deciding whether the page is black.
RemoveWhitePagesSpecifies whether to remove white pages.
RemoveWhitePageThresholdContains threshold for deciding whether the is white.
ResolutionUnitUnit of resolution measurement. See IsisResolutionUnit for possible values.
ResolutionXHorizontal resolution.
ResolutionYVertical resolution.
SamplesPerPixelSamples per pixel.
ScanAheadScan ahead status.
ScanAheadBufferedNumber of pages that have been scanned ahead.
ScanAheadCountMaximum number of pages that can be scanned ahead.
ScannerIdScanner identification string.
ScanOrientationOrientation of pages in the scanner's feeder.
ScanTypeSpecifies scan source. See IsisScanType for possible values.
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