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LanguageType Enumeration

Languages used by the source device.

Namespace:  Atalasoft.Twain
Assembly:  Atalasoft.DotTwain (in Atalasoft.DotTwain.dll) Version: (.NET 4.5.2, x86)
public enum LanguageType
  Member nameDescription
UserLocal Uses the local system settings.
Danish Danish
Dutch Dutch
English English
FrenchCanadian French - Canadian
Finnish Finnish
French French
German German
Icelandic Icelandic


Norwegian Norwegian
Portuguese Portuguese
Spanish Spanish
Swedish Swedish
EnglishUsa English - USA
Afrikaans Afikaans
Albania Ablania
Arabic Arabic
ArabicAlgerian Arabic - Algerian
ArabicBahrain Arabic - Bahrain
ArabicEgypt Arabic - Egypt
ArabicIraq Arabic - Iraq
ArabicJordan Arabic - Jordan
ArabicKuwait Arabic - Kuwait
ArabicLebanon Arabic - Lebanon
ArabicLibya Arabic - Libya
ArabicMorocco Arabic - Morocco
ArabicOman Arabic - Oman
ArabicQatar Arabic - Qatar
ArabicSaudiArabia Arabic - Saudi Arabia
ArabicSyria Arabic - Syria
ArabicTunisia Arabic - Tunisia
ArabicUae Arabic - UAE
ArabicYemen Arabic - Yemen
Basque Basque
Byelorussian Byelorussian
Bulgarian Bulgarian
Catalan Catalan
Chinese Chinese
ChineseHongKong Chinese - Hong Kong
ChinesePrc Chinese - PRC
ChineseSingapore Chinese - Singapore
ChineseSimplified Chinese Simplified
ChineseTaiwan Chinese - Taiwan
ChineseTraditional Chinese Traditional
Croatia Croatia
Czech Czech
DutchBelgian Dutch - Belgian
EnglishAustralian English - Australian
EnglishCanadian English - Canadian
EnglishIreland English - Ireland
EnglishNewZealand English - New Zealand
EnglishSouthAfrica English - South Africa
EnglishUK English - UK
Estonian Estonian
Faeroese Faeroese
Farsi Farsi
FrenchBelgian French - Belgian
FrenchLuxembourg French - Luxembourg
FrenchSwiss French - Swiss
GermanAustrian German - Austrian
GermanLuxembourg German - Luxembourg
GermanLiechtenstein German - Liechtenstein
GermanSwiss German - Swiss
Greek Greek


Hungarian Hungarian
Indonesian Indonesian
ItalianSwiss Italian - Swiss
Japanese Japanese
Korean Korean
KoreanJohab Korean - Johab
Latvian Latvian
Lithuanian Lithuanian
NorwegianBokmal Norwegian - Bokmal
NorwegianNynorsk Norwegian - Nynorsk
Polish Polish
PortugueseBrazil Portuguese - Brazil
Romanian Romanian
Russian Russian
SerbianLatin Serbian Latin
Slovak Slovak
Slovenian Slovenian
SpanishMexican Spanish - Mexican
SpanishModern Spanish Modern
Thai Thai
Turkish Turkish
Ukranian Ukranian
Assamese Assamese
Bengali Bengali
Bihari Bihari
Bodo Bodo
Dogri Dogri
Gujarati Gujarati
Haryanvi Haryanvi
Hindi Hindi
Kannada Kannada
Kashmiri Kashmiri
Malayalam Malayalam
Marathi Marathi
Marwari Marwari
Meghalayan Meghalayan
Mizo Mizo
Naga Naga


Punjabi Punjabi
Pushtu Pushtu
SerbianCyrillic Serbian Cyrillic
Sikkimi Sikkimi
SwedishFinland Swedish - Finland
Tamil Tamil
Telugu Telugu
Tripuri Tripuri
Urdu Urdu
Vietnamese Vietnamese
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