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SourceImageFormat Enumeration

Specifies the type of image format to use when saving directly from the source device.

Namespace:  Atalasoft.Twain
Assembly:  Atalasoft.DotTwain (in Atalasoft.DotTwain.dll) Version: (.NET 4.5.2, x86)
public enum SourceImageFormat
  Member nameDescription
Bmp Native Microsoft format.
Exif File format for use with digital cameras.
Fpx FlashPix, used with digital cameras.
Jfif Wrapper for JPEG images.
Jpeg2000 JPEG2000 Image
Pdf PDF document
Pict Native Macintosh format.
Png Portable Network Graphic.
Spiff A standard from JPEG, intended to replace JFIF, also supports JBIG.
Tiff Tagged Image File Format.
TiffMulti Multi-page TIFF.
Xbm Used for document imaging.
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