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DocumentCaptureExperience Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DocumentCaptureExperience:
DocumentBaseCaptureExperience CaptureExperience StabilityDelayListener LevelnessListener AutoFocusResultListener ImageCapturedListener

Public Member Functions

 DocumentCaptureExperience (ImageCaptureView view)
 DocumentCaptureExperience (ImageCaptureView view, DocumentCaptureExperienceCriteriaHolder criteria)
void setCaptureCriteria (DocumentCaptureExperienceCriteriaHolder criteria)
DocumentCaptureExperienceCriteriaHolder getCaptureCriteria ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DocumentBaseCaptureExperience
 DocumentBaseCaptureExperience (ImageCaptureView view, DocumentBaseCaptureExperienceCriteriaHolder criteria)
final void addOnImageCapturedListener (ImageCapturedListener listener)
final void removeOnImageCapturedListener (ImageCapturedListener listener)
final void setVibrationEnabled (boolean enable)
 Manage vibration after an image is captured. More...
boolean isVibrationEnabled ()
void takePicture ()
void takePictureContinually ()
void stopCapture ()
void destroy ()
void enableAnimationTutor (boolean enable)
 Sets whether or not to show an animated tutorial about how to capture a document. More...
boolean isAnimationTutorEnable ()
CaptureMessage getUserInstructionMessage ()
void setUserInstructionMessage (CaptureMessage userInstructionsMessage)
CaptureMessage getTutorialDismissMessage ()
void setTutorialDismissMessage (CaptureMessage tutorialDismissMessage)
CaptureMessage getHoldSteadyMessage ()
void setHoldSteadyMessage (CaptureMessage holdSteadyMessage)
void setCenterMessage (CaptureMessage centerMessage)
CaptureMessage getCenterMessage ()
void setZoomInMessage (CaptureMessage zoomInMessage)
CaptureMessage getZoomInMessage ()
void setZoomOutMessage (CaptureMessage zoomOutMessage)
CaptureMessage getZoomOutMessage ()
void setRotateMessage (CaptureMessage message)
CaptureMessage getRotateMessage ()
void setHoldParallelMessage (CaptureMessage message)
CaptureMessage getHoldParallelMessage ()
void setCapturedMessage (CaptureMessage capturedMessage)
CaptureMessage getCapturedMessage ()
void setOuterViewFinderColor (int colorCode)
 Outer view finder color. More...
int getOuterViewFinderColor ()
void setGuidanceFrameColor (int colorCode)
 Guidance frame color. More...
void setSteadyGuidanceFrameColor (int colorCode)
 Steady guidance frame color. More...
int getGuidanceFrameColor ()
double getPaddingPercent ()
Bitmap getDocumentSampleImage ()
void setDocumentSampleImage (Bitmap documentSampleImage)
void addPageDetectionListener (PageDetectionListener listener)
void removePageDetectionListener (PageDetectionListener listener)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CaptureExperience
void addOnImageCapturedListener (ImageCapturedListener listener)
void removeOnImageCapturedListener (ImageCapturedListener listener)
void setVibrationEnabled (boolean enable)
boolean isVibrationEnabled ()
void takePicture ()
void takePictureContinually ()
void stopCapture ()
void onImageCaptured (ImageCapturedEvent event)
 Invoked when the camera captures an image. More...
void onAutoFocus (AutoFocusResultEvent event)
 Invoked when the camera completes focusing. More...
void onLevelness (LevelnessEvent event)
 Invoked when the orientation of the device changes. More...
void onStabilityDelay (StabilityDelayEvent event)
 Invoked when stability levels change. More...
void destroy ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from DocumentBaseCaptureExperience
void initBase (ImageCaptureView view, DocumentBaseCaptureExperienceCriteriaHolder criteria)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CaptureExperience
void invokeImageCapturedListeners (ImageCapturedEvent event)
boolean captureCriteriaMetInternal (CaptureExperienceData data)
- Protected Attributes inherited from DocumentBaseCaptureExperience
Context _ctx
- Protected Attributes inherited from CaptureExperience
CaptureExperienceData _captureExperienceData = new CaptureExperienceData()
final Object _lock
boolean _sdkCaptureRequested
boolean _continuousCapture
ImageCaptureView _imageCaptureView
final Handler _uiHandler = new Handler(Looper.getMainLooper())
float _aspectRatio
Set< ImageCapturedListener_imageCapturedListeners = new LinkedHashSet<ImageCapturedListener>()
Vibrator _vibrator
boolean _vibrationEnabled = false

Detailed Description

This class is responsible for rendering an enhanced visual experience on an ImageCaptureView and provides feedback to guide the user to take a clear, legible and optimally zoomed in photo of a document. Criteria of such a document can be specified by using a setCaptureCriteria(DocumentCaptureExperienceCriteriaHolder) method.

When the criteria are satisfied, a photo can be taken automatically, to enable it use takePicture() or takePictureContinually().

Note: DocumentCaptureExperience is best used on a view that occupies the maximum possible area of its parent view.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Constructs an experience on a given ImageCaptureView.

viewThe ImageCaptureView this will be drawn onto

Constructs an experience on a given ImageCaptureView with specific CheckCaptureExperienceCriteriaHolder

viewThe ImageCaptureView this will be drawn onto
criteriaThe criteria used to determine if a photo should be taken

Member Function Documentation

Returns the criteria used to determine if a photo should be taken.

See also
void setCaptureCriteria ( DocumentCaptureExperienceCriteriaHolder  criteria)

Calling this method will cause all of the capture related parameters to be configured

criteriaThe criteria used to determine if a photo should be taken
See also

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