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Size Class Reference

Universal class for image size describing. More...

Public Member Functions

 Size (int w, int h)
 Size (Point point)
 Size (Camera.Size size)
 Size (android.util.Size size)
boolean equals (Object obj)
int hashCode ()
String toString ()

Public Attributes

int width
int height

Detailed Description

Universal class for image size describing.

Class for describing width and height dimensions in pixels. It is intended to provide a single interface instead of 2 classes: deprecated in API level 21 android.hardware.Camera.Size and added android.util.Size

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Size ( int  w,
int  h 
Size ( Point  point)
Size ( Camera.Size  size)
Size ( android.util.Size  size)

Member Function Documentation

boolean equals ( Object  obj)

Compares obj to this size.

objthe object to compare this size with.
True if the width and height of obj is the same as those of this size. False otherwise.
int hashCode ( )
String toString ( )

Member Data Documentation

int height
int width

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