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com.kofax.kmc.kui.uicontrols.StabilityDelayEvent Class Reference

This event fires when stability levels change. More...

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Public Member Functions

 StabilityDelayEvent (Object source, int stability)
final int getStability ()

Detailed Description

This event fires when stability levels change.

This event fires when stability levels change. It returns an int from 0 to 100 to indicate the current level of stability, 100 being completely stable and 0 being completely unstable. This event fires in response to accelerometer changes.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com.kofax.kmc.kui.uicontrols.StabilityDelayEvent.StabilityDelayEvent ( Object  source,
int  stability 

Member Function Documentation

final int com.kofax.kmc.kui.uicontrols.StabilityDelayEvent.getStability ( )

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