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AppStatsDaoField Class Reference

Container for properties that define one field in a table in the datastore. More...

Public Member Functions

String getDsFieldName ()
AppStatsDsFieldType getDsFieldType ()
AppStatsDbFieldType getDbFieldType ()
AppStatsDbFieldKeyType getDbFieldKeyType ()
String getDsValueString ()
Float getDsValueFloat ()
Integer getDsValueInt ()
Long getDsValueLong ()
Date getDsValueDate ()

Detailed Description

Container for properties that define one field in a table in the datastore.

It's intended to be generic enough to not imply any assumptions about the underlying concrete datastore implementation. Details necessary to create database-specific SQL statements are included in the dbFieldType and dbFieldKeyType properties. For native datastore values, the dsValueString property is always populated, as the native datastore type converted to a java String type. For convenience, the dsFieldType property indicates the actual native stored java type, and the associated type-specific getter can be used to access it in its native datastore type.

Member Function Documentation

AppStatsDbFieldKeyType getDbFieldKeyType ( )
AppStatsDbFieldType getDbFieldType ( )
String getDsFieldName ( )
AppStatsDsFieldType getDsFieldType ( )
Date getDsValueDate ( )
Float getDsValueFloat ( )
Integer getDsValueInt ( )
Long getDsValueLong ( )
String getDsValueString ( )

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