Atalasoft MobileImage API Reference
Package com.kofax.kmc.kut.utilities.appstats


class  AppStatistics
 Use the AppStatistics class for creating, saving, and exporting statistics related to SDK framework usage. More...
class  AppStatsDaoField
 Container for properties that define one field in a table in the datastore. More...
interface  AppStatsDsExportHandler
class  AppStatsExportEvent
 This event is fired when AppStats events are being exported. More...
interface  AppStatsExportListener
class  AppStatsSessionEvent
 This data-only class is used to set properties that define an AppStats Session Event. More...
class  AppStatsThresholdReachedEvent
interface  AppstatsThresholdReachedListener
interface  AppStatsWriteFileListener
class  AppStatsWritetoFileEvent
class  AppStatsWriteToFileResults
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