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The BoundingTetragon object holds four corner points for a tetragon. This object is serializable. More...

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enum  Rotation

Public Member Functions

 BoundingTetragon ()
 Public Constructors. More...
BoundingTetragon clone ()
 Performs a field-for-field copy of instances of this class. More...
 BoundingTetragon (int topLeftX, int topLeftY, int topRightX, int topRightY, int bottomLeftX, int bottomLeftY, int bottomRightX, int bottomRightY)
 BoundingTetragon (Point topLeft, Point topRight, Point bottomLeft, Point bottomRight)
Point getTopLeft ()
 Get the topLeft point. More...
void setTopLeft (Point topLeft)
 Set the topLeft point. More...
Point getTopRight ()
 Get the topRight point. More...
void setTopRight (Point topRight)
 Set the topRight point. More...
Point getBottomLeft ()
 Get the bottomLeft point. More...
void setBottomLeft (Point bottomLeft)
 Set the bottomLeft point. More...
Point getBottomRight ()
 Get the bottomRight point. More...
void setBottomRight (Point bottomRight)
 Set the bottomRight point. More...
void rotate (int width, int height, Rotation rotation)

Detailed Description

The BoundingTetragon object holds four corner points for a tetragon. This object is serializable.

The tetragon consists of the its top-left, top-right, bottom-left, and bottom-right points. These are available through accessor methods.

BoundingTetragon objects support serialization in a similar way to Image objects. The Image object documentation provides code examples for serialization and deserialization.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation ( )

Public Constructors.

Create a new empty BoundingTetragon. ( int  topLeftX,
int  topLeftY,
int  topRightX,
int  topRightY,
int  bottomLeftX,
int  bottomLeftY,
int  bottomRightX,
int  bottomRightY 
inline ( Point  topLeft,
Point  topRight,
Point  bottomLeft,
Point  bottomRight 

Member Function Documentation

BoundingTetragon ( )

Performs a field-for-field copy of instances of this class.

Point ( )

Get the bottomLeft point.

Point ( )

Get the bottomRight point.

Point ( )

Get the topLeft point.

Point ( )

Get the topRight point.

void ( int  width,
int  height,
Rotation  rotation 

Given a space in which to rotate, rotate the points in this BoundingTetragon Rotation#LEFT, Rotation#RIGHT or Rotation#FLIP.

void ( Point  bottomLeft)

Set the bottomLeft point.

void ( Point  bottomRight)

Set the bottomRight point.

void ( Point  topLeft)

Set the topLeft point.

void ( Point  topRight)

Set the topRight point.

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