Atalasoft MobileImage API Reference
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Package com.kofax.kmc.ken.engines


package  data
package  version


class  BarCodeReader
 The barcode recognition engine. More...
class  CheckDetector
class  DocumentDetector
interface  ICheckDetector
interface  IDocumentDetector
interface  ImageClassificationCompletedListener
 The listener interface for receiving image classification completed events. More...
class  ImageClassificationCompleteEvent
 This event is raised in response to an image classification process. More...
class  ImageClassificationResult
 Results from classifying an image. This object is serializable. More...
class  ImageClassifier
 This class is used to classify images based on given configuration and model. More...
class  ImageProcessor
 The ImageProcessor is the image processing engine. More...
class  KENLogging
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