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CheckWorkflowActivity Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for CheckWorkflowActivity:
WorkflowActivity< T extends IParameters >

Public Member Functions

Class<?extends Activity > getCaptureActivityClass ()
Class<?extends Activity > getExtractActivityClass ()
String getDefaultProcessingString (CheckParameters parameters)
CaptureData getDefaultReturnObject ()
String getParametersKey ()
String getResultKey ()
String getExceptionKey ()
CheckParameters getParametersInstance ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from WorkflowActivity< T extends IParameters >
abstract Class<?extends Activity > getCaptureActivityClass ()
abstract Class<?extends Activity > getExtractActivityClass ()
abstract String getDefaultProcessingString (T parameters)
abstract CaptureData getDefaultReturnObject ()
abstract String getParametersKey ()
abstract String getResultKey ()
abstract String getExceptionKey ()
abstract T getParametersInstance ()
getParameters (Bundle savedInstanceState)

Static Public Attributes

static final String CHECK_PARAMETERS = ""
static final String CHECK_RESULTS = ""
static final String CHECK_EXCEPTION = ""
- Static Public Attributes inherited from WorkflowActivity< T extends IParameters >

Protected Member Functions

void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from WorkflowActivity< T extends IParameters >
boolean isOdeSupported ()
void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState)
void handleException (final Throwable exc)
void tryRestoreState (Bundle savedInstanceState)
void onSaveInstanceState (Bundle outState)
void onDestroy ()
void onResume ()
void captureImage ()
void onActivityResult (int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data)
void clearBitmap (String imageId)

Detailed Description

The Check workflow specializes in capturing, processing and extracting data from a Check. To use this class, optionally construct new CheckParameters, modify those parameters for your use, then start an intent for this workflow:

CheckParameters _params = new CheckParameters(this);
Intent intent = new Intent(this, CheckWorkflowActivity.class);
_params.getLookAndFeelParameters().forceCaptureEnabled = true;
_params.getExtractionParameters().serverType = ExtractionParameters.ServerType.RTTI;
_params.getLookAndFeelParameters().galleryEnabled = true;
intent.putExtra(CheckWorkflowActivity.CHECK_PARAMETERS, _params);
startActivityForResult(intent, REQUEST_CODE);

Capturing both sides of a check

Checks have important information on both sides. For improved accuracy, data extraction should be performed for both sides during the same session. To achieve that follow these steps:

  1. Start the CheckWorkflowActivity for one side with extractionType set to OFF.
  2. Receive and store the check data available in the result Intent when Activity.onActivityResult gets called back.
  3. Start the CheckWorkflowActivity for the other side of the check with extraction enabled and CheckWorkflowActivity.reverseSideCheck set to the check data from the step 2.

New permissions model introduced in Android M

Some functions won't be available until necessary permissions are granted by the user. It's up to the developer when to ask for permissions and whether or not to show a rationale — SDK doesn't do that.

Functions that require permissions:

Member Function Documentation

Class<? extends Activity> getCaptureActivityClass ( )

Gets the specific capture activity for this workflow

String getDefaultProcessingString ( CheckParameters  parameters)

Gets the specific processing string for this workflow

CaptureData getDefaultReturnObject ( )

Retrieves an empty check object

String getExceptionKey ( )

Gets the specific exception key for this workflow

Class<? extends Activity> getExtractActivityClass ( )

Gets the specific extract activity for this workflow

CheckParameters getParametersInstance ( )
String getParametersKey ( )

Gets the specific parameter key for this workflow

String getResultKey ( )

Gets the specific results key for this workflow

void onCreate ( Bundle  savedInstanceState)

Member Data Documentation

final String CHECK_EXCEPTION = ""
final String CHECK_PARAMETERS = ""
final String CHECK_RESULTS = ""

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