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CaptureExperience Class Referenceabstract

This class is a base class for the DocumentCaptureExperience and CheckCaptureExperience. More...

Inheritance diagram for CaptureExperience:
StabilityDelayListener LevelnessListener AutoFocusResultListener ImageCapturedListener DocumentBaseCaptureExperience CheckCaptureExperience DocumentCaptureExperience PassportCaptureExperience

Public Member Functions

void addOnImageCapturedListener (ImageCapturedListener listener)
void removeOnImageCapturedListener (ImageCapturedListener listener)
void setVibrationEnabled (boolean enable)
boolean isVibrationEnabled ()
void takePicture ()
void takePictureContinually ()
void stopCapture ()
void onImageCaptured (ImageCapturedEvent event)
 Invoked when the camera captures an image. More...
void onAutoFocus (AutoFocusResultEvent event)
 Invoked when the camera completes focusing. More...
void onLevelness (LevelnessEvent event)
 Invoked when the orientation of the device changes. More...
void onStabilityDelay (StabilityDelayEvent event)
 Invoked when stability levels change. More...
void destroy ()

Protected Member Functions

void invokeImageCapturedListeners (ImageCapturedEvent event)
boolean captureCriteriaMetInternal (CaptureExperienceData data)

Protected Attributes

CaptureExperienceData _captureExperienceData = new CaptureExperienceData()
final Object _lock
boolean _sdkCaptureRequested
boolean _continuousCapture
ImageCaptureView _imageCaptureView
final Handler _uiHandler = new Handler(Looper.getMainLooper())
float _aspectRatio
Set< ImageCapturedListener_imageCapturedListeners = new LinkedHashSet<ImageCapturedListener>()
Vibrator _vibrator
boolean _vibrationEnabled = false

Detailed Description

This class is a base class for the DocumentCaptureExperience and CheckCaptureExperience.

This class is responsible for capturing documents once the given criteria is met, except page detection

Member Function Documentation

void addOnImageCapturedListener ( ImageCapturedListener  listener)

Invoked after the camera captures an image and when all capture messages were shown. To allow for every message to be played, this method should be used to set an ImageCapturedListener instead of the method on the ImageCaptureView class.

listenerThe image captured listener
See also
boolean captureCriteriaMetInternal ( CaptureExperienceData  data)
void destroy ( )

Detaches from the ImageCaptureView and destroys this experience.

void invokeImageCapturedListeners ( ImageCapturedEvent  event)
boolean isVibrationEnabled ( )
Whether vibration availability during capturing
void onAutoFocus ( AutoFocusResultEvent  event)

Invoked when the camera completes focusing.

Implements AutoFocusResultListener.

void onImageCaptured ( ImageCapturedEvent  event)

Invoked when the camera captures an image.

Implements ImageCapturedListener.

void onLevelness ( LevelnessEvent  event)

Invoked when the orientation of the device changes.

Implements LevelnessListener.

void onStabilityDelay ( StabilityDelayEvent  event)

Invoked when stability levels change.

Implements StabilityDelayListener.

void removeOnImageCapturedListener ( ImageCapturedListener  listener)

Remove ImageCapturedListener.

listenerThe image captured listener
See also
void setVibrationEnabled ( boolean  enable)

Method to manage vibration availability during capturing.

enableWhether to vibrate during capture
void stopCapture ( )

This is the counterpart to takePicture() and takePictureContinually(). Calling this method will stop automatic image capture when the criteria are satisfied.

See also
void takePicture ( )

Calling this method will start the process of monitoring the capture criteria that was configured to determine when a document that meets all the criteria can be captured. The static frame will change its color to green to indicate that a document will be captured soon.

void takePictureContinually ( )

Calling this method will start the continuous capture of images. Images will automatically be captured when criteria are satisfied.

Member Data Documentation

float _aspectRatio
CaptureExperienceData _captureExperienceData = new CaptureExperienceData()
boolean _continuousCapture
Set<ImageCapturedListener> _imageCapturedListeners = new LinkedHashSet<ImageCapturedListener>()
ImageCaptureView _imageCaptureView
final Object _lock
boolean _sdkCaptureRequested
final Handler _uiHandler = new Handler(Looper.getMainLooper())
boolean _vibrationEnabled = false
Vibrator _vibrator

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