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com.kofax.kmc.kut.utilities.AppContextProvider Class Reference

This class keeps a reference of the application context. More...

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Public Member Functions

void onCreate ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Context getContext ()
static void setContext (Context context)

Detailed Description

This class keeps a reference of the application context.

This class keeps a reference of the application context. In order to use the Mobile SDK, you must first set a valid application context. Alternately, you can specify the AppContextProvider class in your application's Manifest, as the name attribute of the <application> element:

android:theme="@style/AppTheme" >

Member Function Documentation

static Context com.kofax.kmc.kut.utilities.AppContextProvider.getContext ( )

Returns the application context

application context
void com.kofax.kmc.kut.utilities.AppContextProvider.onCreate ( )
static void com.kofax.kmc.kut.utilities.AppContextProvider.setContext ( Context  context)

Sets the application context

contextA valid application context.

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