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abstract boolean isIncorrectOrientation ()
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final BoundingTetragon getBounds ()
Bitmap getOriginalImage ()
abstract ZoomGuidance getZoomGuidance ()
abstract TurnGuidance getTurnGuidance ()
abstract HorizontalGuidance getHorizontalMovementGuidance ()
abstract VerticalGuidance getVerticalMovementGuidance ()
abstract OrientationGuidance getOrientationGuidance ()
String toString ()

Detailed Description

Result of document detection.

This class returns the original image the detection algorithm was run against, the bounding coordinates of the detected document, and the guidance information, e.g. zoom out/in move left/right, etc...

Member Function Documentation

abstract boolean ( )

Gets the incorrect document orientation flag.

as of 3.0, replaced by getOrientationGuidance()

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