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BarCodeCaptureView Class Reference
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class  CameraImageData
class  DecodeInfo

Public Member Functions

 BarCodeCaptureView (Context context)
 BarCodeCaptureView (Context context, AttributeSet set)
 BarCodeCaptureView (Context context, AttributeSet set, int defStyle)
GuidingLine getGuidingLine ()
void setGuidingLine (GuidingLine value)
Symbology[] getSymbologies ()
void setSymbologies (Symbology[] value)
SearchDirection[] getSearchDirection ()
void setSearchDirection (SearchDirection[] value)
void addBarCodeFoundEventListener (BarCodeFoundListener listener)
void removeBarCodeFoundEventListener (BarCodeFoundListener listener)
void readBarcode ()
BoundingTetragon calculateBound (float[] points, int rotation, int width, int height)
void onLevelnessChanged (LevelChangedEvent evt)
void onPreviewFrame (PreviewImageReadyBusEvent evt)
void onLocationEvent (LocationEvent evt)
void onLocationEnableEvent (GPSEnabledEvent evt)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ImageCaptureView
 ImageCaptureView (Context context)
 ImageCaptureView (Context context, AttributeSet set)
 ImageCaptureView (Context context, AttributeSet set, int defStyle)
final void takePicture ()
final ImageCaptureFrame getImageCaptureFrame ()
final void setImageCaptureFrame (ImageCaptureFrame imageCaptureFrame)
final int getImagePreviewWidth ()
final int getImagePreviewHeight ()
final int getStabilityDelay ()
final void setStabilityDelay (int stabilityDelay)
final PageDetectMode getPageDetectMode ()
final void setPageDetectMode (PageDetectMode mode)
ViewGroup getViewGroup ()
final int getPageAreaForDetection ()
final Flash getFlash ()
final void setFlash (Flash flash)
final boolean isFlashSupported (Flash flash)
final GpsUsageLimits getGpsUsage ()
final void setGpsUsage (GpsUsageLimits limits)
final int getLevelThresholdPitch ()
final void setLevelThresholdPitch (int threshold)
final int getLevelThresholdRoll ()
final void setLevelThresholdRoll (int threshold)
final void setImageResolution (android.hardware.Camera.Size resolution)
final void setCameraType (CameraType cameraType)
final void setImageResolution (Size resolution)
final List< android.hardware.Camera.Size > getAllowableResolutions ()
final List< SizegetAllowableImageResolutions ()
final List< Rect > getFocusAreas ()
final void setFocusAreas (List< Rect > focusAreas) throws KmcRuntimeException
final int getMaxFocusAreas ()
final boolean getUseVideoFrame ()
final void setUseVideoFrame (boolean useVideo)
final int getDeviceDeclinationPitch ()
final void setDeviceDeclinationPitch (int angle)
final int getDeviceDeclinationRoll ()
final void setDeviceDeclinationRoll (int angle)
final int getLuminanceThreshold ()
final void setLuminanceThreshold (int luminanceThreshold)
final int getTorchDelay ()
final void setTorchDelay (int torchDelay)
final void muteAutoTorch ()
final void unmuteAutoTorch ()
final void forceTakePicture ()
final void forceTakePicture (boolean focusAgain)
final void doContinuousMode (boolean start)
final synchronized void sessionCreate ()
final synchronized void sessionDismiss ()
final void addOnAutoFocusResultListener (AutoFocusResultListener listener)
final void removeOnAutoFocusResultListener (AutoFocusResultListener listener)
final void addOnImageCapturedListener (ImageCapturedListener listener)
final void removeOnImageCapturedListener (ImageCapturedListener listener)
final void addStabilityDelayListener (StabilityDelayListener listener)
final void removeStabilityDelayListener (StabilityDelayListener listener)
final void addLevelnessListener (LevelnessListener listener)
final void removeLevelnessListener (LevelnessListener listener)
final void addCameraInitializationListener (CameraInitializationListener listener)
final void removeCameraInitializationListener (CameraInitializationListener listener)
final void addCameraInitializationFailedListener (CameraInitializationFailedListener listener)
final void removeCameraInitializationFailedListener (CameraInitializationFailedListener listener)
final void addPreviewCallbackListener (PreviewCallbackListener listener)
final void removePreviewCallbackListener (PreviewCallbackListener listener)
final void addTorchLuminanceListener (TorchLuminanceListener listener)
final void removeTorchLuminanceListener (TorchLuminanceListener listener)
void removeAllViews ()
void surfaceChanged (SurfaceHolder holder, int format, int width, int height)
void surfaceCreated (SurfaceHolder holder)
void surfaceDestroyed (SurfaceHolder holder)

Protected Member Functions

void checkLicense ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ImageCaptureView
void checkLicense ()
void onLayout (boolean changed, int l, int t, int r, int b)
void onDetachedFromWindow ()
void onAttachedToWindow ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from ImageCaptureView
static final int DEFAULT_LUMINANCE_THRESHOLD = 100
static final int DEFAULT_TORCH_DELAY = 3
- Protected Attributes inherited from ImageCaptureView
IBus _bus

Detailed Description

This view provides a capture experience optimized for barcode reading. The view provides visual guidance to the end-user to maximize the chances of correctly decoding a barcode. Once the view has been asked to read a barcode, it will search continuously until one is found.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BarCodeCaptureView ( Context  context)
BarCodeCaptureView ( Context  context,
AttributeSet  set 
BarCodeCaptureView ( Context  context,
AttributeSet  set,
int  defStyle 

Member Function Documentation

void addBarCodeFoundEventListener ( BarCodeFoundListener  listener)

Adds the specified barcode search listener to receive barcode events from this view.

BoundingTetragon calculateBound ( float[]  points,
int  rotation,
int  width,
int  height 
void checkLicense ( )
GuidingLine getGuidingLine ( )
The current guiding line setting.
SearchDirection [] getSearchDirection ( )
An array of directions being searched for barcodes.
Symbology [] getSymbologies ( )
An array of symbologies.
void onLevelnessChanged ( LevelChangedEvent  evt)
void onLocationEnableEvent ( GPSEnabledEvent  evt)
void onLocationEvent ( LocationEvent  evt)
void onPreviewFrame ( PreviewImageReadyBusEvent  evt)
void readBarcode ( )

This call returns immediately and starts asynchronously searching for a barcode with the current camera and barcode parameters. The search will continue indefinitely until a barcode is found, allowing time for the device to further stabilize and focus if necessary.

Once a barcode is positively read, the BarCodeFoundEvent is raised providing the decoded message and the unprocessed image that was used.

Caller needs to call readBarcode() again to start a new barcode scan.

void removeBarCodeFoundEventListener ( BarCodeFoundListener  listener)

Removes the specified barcode search listener from this view.

void setGuidingLine ( GuidingLine  value)

The guiding line is a visual aid for aligning barcodes within the preview. A guiding line is rendered as a straight line splitting the preview into two equal parts. The intention is for the line to cross through all the bars of a barcode, like the laser of a linear scanner. The guiding line is turned off by default.

valueWhether a guiding line should be rendered in PORTRAIT or LANDSCAPE, or turned OFF.
void setSearchDirection ( SearchDirection[]  value)

Searching for multiple directions slows down the speed of barcode recognition. If you expect barcodes to only be oriented in certain directions, you should specify only those directions. By default, all directions will be searched, represented by the array [SearchDirection.Horizontal, SearchDirection.Vertical].

valueAn array of search directions.
See also
SearchDirection for all supported values.
void setSymbologies ( Symbology[]  value)

Searching for multiple symbologies slows down the speed of barcode recognition. You should only specify the symbologies that you are interested in reading. The set of selected symbologies is empty by default.

valueAn array of symbologies.

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