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com.kofax.kmc.ken.engines.ICheckDetector Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

CheckDetectionResult detect (CheckDetectionSettings settings, Bitmap image)
CheckDetectionResult detect (CheckDetectionSettings checkDetectionSettings, byte[] data, int width, int height)

Detailed Description

Interface for check detection algorithms.

Member Function Documentation

CheckDetectionResult com.kofax.kmc.ken.engines.ICheckDetector.detect ( CheckDetectionSettings  settings,
Bitmap  image 

Runs the check detection algorithm.

settingsthe settings to use during detection
imagethe bitmap with which the detection algorithm will run against
the result of the detection

Implemented in com.kofax.kmc.ken.engines.CheckDetector.

CheckDetectionResult com.kofax.kmc.ken.engines.ICheckDetector.detect ( CheckDetectionSettings  checkDetectionSettings,
byte[]  data,
int  width,
int  height 

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