Atalasoft MobileImage API Reference
Class Hierarchy
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 CImageProcessor.AnalysisCompleteListenerThe listener interface for receiving analysis complete events
 CImageProcessor.AnalysisProgressListenerThe listener interface for receiving Analysis Progress events
 CAppStatisticsUse the AppStatistics class for creating, saving, and exporting statistics related to SDK framework usage
 CAppStatsDaoFieldContainer for properties that define one field in a table in the datastore
 CAppStatistics.AppStatsExportFormatIndicates the export format desired when calling the export method
 CAppStatsSessionEventThis data-only class is used to set properties that define an AppStats Session Event
 CAutoFocusResultListenerThe listener interface for responding to camera focus events
 CBarCodeDataFormatAn enum that identifies the format of the bar code found
 CBarCodeDirectionAn enum that identifies the direction of the bar code found
 CBarCodeFoundListenerThe listener interface for receiving barcode events
 CBarCodeReaderThe barcode recognition engine
 CBarCodeTypeAn enum that identifies the type of the bar code found
 CBoundingRectThe BoundingRect object holds four integer edge coordinates for a rectangle
 CCameraInitializationListenerThe interface that is required to implement CameraInitializationEvent
 CCameraTypeThis enum represents the camera type
 CMicrLine.CheckTypeAn enum which identifies the type of check
 CBasicSettingsProfile.CropTypeAn enum which identifies the crop type
 CDocumentDetectionSettings.DocumentEdgeDetectionAn enumeration containing the possible edge detection algorithms
 CErrorInfoThe ErrorInfo enum can be used by application developers to lookup error information
 CImage.FileIOEngineAn enum which optionally identifies the desired File I/O Engine used for reading and writing
 CImage.FileRestrictionAn enum which specifies that ANSI X9.100-181 restrictions are needed for TIFF output
 CFlashThis enum represents the various camera flash settings
 CGuidingLineAn enum representing the rendering and orientation of a guiding line for barcode capture
 CIDocumentDetector < T extends DetectionSettings, U extends DetectionResult >
 CImageCaptureFrameThis class handles various visual properties for the ImageCaptureView
 CImageClassificationCompletedListenerThe listener interface for receiving image classification completed events
 CImageClassifierThis class is used to classify images based on given configuration and model
 CImage.ImageFileRepAn enum which identifies the File Representation of the image file referenced by this Image Object
 CImage.ImageMimeTypeAn enum which identifies the Mime Type of the image file referenced by this Image Object
 CImageProcessor.ImageOutListenerThe listener interface for receiving Image Out events
 CImageProcessorThe ImageProcessor is the image processing engine
 CImage.ImageRepAn enum which identifies the Image Representation(s) included in this Image Object
 CLevelnessListenerThe interface that is required to implement StabilityDelayEvent
 CLicenseFoundListenerThe listener interface for receiving license found events
 CLicensing.LicenseServerTypeAn enum of license server types. Use with Licensing.setMobileSDKLicenseServer
 CLicensing.LicenseTypeAn enum of license types
 CLicensingThis class comprises the licensing mechanism for Mobile SDK
 CImgReviewEditCntrl.Line_Style_SolidAn enum which lists the drawing style options the edge of the tetragon
 CListenerCallbackThreadTypeAn enum which identifies the thread type for asynchronous callbacks
 CMicrLineThis class represents the MICR line itself
 CMicrParserThis class parses the MICR data line from different check detection algorithms
 CBasicSettingsProfile.OutputBitDepthAn enum which identifies the output bit depth
 CImage.OutputColorAn enum which identifies the output color desired for writing the bitmap to an image file
 CImageProcessor.ProcessProgressListenerThe listener interface for receiving Process Progress events
 CQuickAnalysisSettingsA configuration object for controlling the quick analysis image processing
 CBasicSettingsProfile.RotateTypeAn enum which identifies the rotation type
 CSdkVersionThis class provides access to version information for the Kofax Mobile SDK
 CSearchDirectionAn enum representing a direction or set of directions to search for barcodes
 CSizeUniversal class for image size describing
 CStabilityDelayListenerThe interface that is required to implement StabilityDelayEvent
 CSymbologyAn enum representing a barcode symbology
 CTorchLuminanceListenerThe interface that is required to implement TorchLuminanceEvent
 CImagePerfectionProfile.UseDocumentDetectionBasedCropAn enum used with the useDocumentDetectionBasedCrop property
 CImagePerfectionProfile.UseMRZPassportDetectionAn enum used with the useMRZPassportDetection property
 CImagePerfectionProfile.UseTargetFrameCropAn enum used with the useTargetFrameCrop property
 CLicensing.VolumeLicenseEventListenerThe listener interface for receiving volume licensing events
 CLicensing.VolumeLicenseFailureDataData class for volume licensing related failures
 CLicensing.VolumeLicenseResultDataData class for volume licensing related successful operations
 CWorkflowActivity< BillParameters >
 CWorkflowActivity< CheckParameters >
 CWorkflowActivity< CreditCardParameters >
 CWorkflowActivity< IdParameters >
 CWorkflowActivity< PassportParameters >
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