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<kfxKCLDelegate> Protocol Reference

Image Classification Protocol. More...

#import <kfxKCLImageClassifier.h>

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Instance Methods

(void) - imageClassifier:status:statusMsg:image:
 Classification Complete Delegate. More...

Detailed Description

Image Classification Protocol.

The kfxKCLDelegate defines the protocol for all the delegates the Image Classification Engine during processing. Only a single delegate is defined, which signals the completion of asynchronous classification operations.

Method Documentation

◆ imageClassifier:status:statusMsg:image:()

- (void) imageClassifier: (kfxKCLImageClassifier *)  imageClassifier
status: (int)  status
statusMsg: (NSString *)  statusMsg
image: (kfxKEDImage *)  image 

Classification Complete Delegate.

The engine calls this delegate when a classification operation is complete. The image parameter is the same image that was passed into the corresponding classifyImage call. The classification results are available through the image's classificationResults property.

imageClassifierThe imageClassifier instance that invoked the delegate.
statusThe status of the completed classification.
statusMsgA message corresponding to the given status.
imageThe image classification was performed on, with results set internally.

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