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kfxKOEIDExtractor Class Reference

The ID Extractor Class. More...

#import <kfxKOEIDExtractor.h>

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Instance Methods

(instancetype) - initWithProjectProvider:
 Constructor for custom project provider. More...
(void) - extract:
 Use this method to start extraction. More...
(void) - cancelExtraction
 Use this method to cancel the extraction. More...


id< kfxKOEIDExtractorDelegatedelegate
 kfxKOEIDExtractorDelegate notifies about extraction completion More...

Detailed Description

The ID Extractor Class.

Framework: libKfxEngines Import suggestion: #import <kfxLibEngines/kfxEngines.h> Relevant Header File: kfxKOEIDExtractor.h An instance of this class contains methods to extract data from ID images.

Initialization** [kfxKOEIDExtractor new] (or [[kfxKOEIDExtractor alloc] init]) - default constructor, the extractor will be initialized with default KFXLocalBundleProjectProvider automatically.

[[kfxKOEIDExtractor alloc] initWithProjectProvider:provider] - the extractor will be initialized with provided id<KFXProjectProviderProtocol> project provider.

Processing** Extractor requires the images to be preprocessed with kfxKENImageProcessor before performning the extraction. To get the most accurate results, front side image should be procecessed with the following operation string: "_DeviceType_2_Do90DegreeRotation_4_DoCropCorrection__DoScaleImageToDPI_500_DoSkewCorrectionPage__DocDimLarge_3.375_DocDimSmall_2.125_LoadSetting_<Property Name=\"CSkewDetect.correct_illumination.Bool" Value="0" />"

If image was processed differently, the results may not be accurate. Back side containing barcode is not required to be preprocessed.


Extractor requires a valid license to be set. It should have enough license count for LIC_ON_DEVICE_EXTRACTION feature.

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Method Documentation

- (void) cancelExtraction

Use this method to cancel the extraction.

If this method is called during the extraction, extractionResults:error: method of the kfxKOEIDExtractorDelegate will be called, containing KMC_EX_CANCEL_OPERATION_SUCCESS error for corresponding ID sides. When the callback is received, you may start new extraction.

If new extraction is started before receiving extractionResult callback, the behavior is undefined.

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- (void) extract: (KFXIDExtractionParameters *)  parameters

Use this method to start extraction.

This method starts the extraction with specified extraction parameters. Parameters will be verified before the extraction. In case of invalid parameters an appropriate error will be returned via delegate. If other extract call is received while previous extraction is in progress, KMC_EX_BUSY error will be sent.

parameters- a KFXIDExtractionParameters object with extraction parameters.
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- (instancetype) initWithProjectProvider: (id< KFXProjectProviderProtocol >)  projectProvider

Constructor for custom project provider.

This constructor allows to specify custom project provider to be used to get extraction assets.

projectProvider- a project provider instance which conforms to KFXProjectProviderProtocol protocol.
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Property Documentation

- (id<kfxKOEIDExtractorDelegate>) delegate

kfxKOEIDExtractorDelegate notifies about extraction completion

This delegate must be set in order for your app to receive delegate calls.

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