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kfxProcessingParameters Class Reference

The image processing parameters class. More...

#import <kfxProcessingParameters.h>

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kfxProcessingType processingType
 A processing type value. More...
NSString * operations
 An image processing operation string. More...

Detailed Description

The image processing parameters class.

The parameters object allows the user to customize image processing functionality. The behavior and default values for some parameters could vary across capture view controllers, and details are specified in target document capture view controller parameters class.

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- (NSString*) operations

An image processing operation string.

App specific definition of the encoded imaged processing (IP) options desired. The string is composed of a concatenation of individual IP tokens, each of which enables an option. Please refer to the developers guide for a list of IP tokens. To use the default processing string, set this property to nil. The default string used depends on the target capture view controller. The default value is nil.

- (kfxProcessingType) processingType

A processing type value.

The supported modes are: kfxProcessingType_Off: processing is disabled. kfxProcessingType_OnDevice: processing is performed on device. If extraction is enabled, this must be on. Processing is required if extraction is enabled.

The default value is kfxProcessingType_OnDevice.

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