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kfxCaptureViewController.h File Reference
#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>

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class  kfxCaptureViewController
 This is an abstract base class for capture view controller. kfxCaptureViewController provides entire capture control along with capture guidance experience, image processing and data extraction functionality. It has a single entry and exit point. The capture view controller behavior and visual look and feel are customized thru a set of parameters. Capture view controller supports the delegate protocol to provide feedback to a client, with result data and error object if applicable. More...
protocol  <kfxCaptureViewControllerDelegate>
 This protocol defines methods that your delegate object should implement to interact with inherited classes from kfxCaptureViewController. More...


#define kfxCertificateValidatorDelegate   kfxKUTCertificateValidatorDelegate

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◆ kfxCertificateValidatorDelegate

#define kfxCertificateValidatorDelegate   kfxKUTCertificateValidatorDelegate
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