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kfxKUICaptureExperience Class Reference

This class is a base class for the animation experience. More...

#import <kfxKUICaptureExperience.h>

Inheritance diagram for kfxKUICaptureExperience:
<kfxKUIImageCaptureControlDelegate> kfxKUIDocumentBaseCaptureExperience KFXFixedAspectRatioCaptureExperience kfxKUICheckCaptureExperience kfxKUIDocumentCaptureExperience KFXPassportCaptureExperience

Instance Methods

(void) - stateChanged:
- Instance Methods inherited from <kfxKUIImageCaptureControlDelegate>
(void) - imageCaptureControl:stabilityDelay:
 A message that indicates the current stability of the device. More...
(void) - imageCaptureControl:imageCaptured:
 A message that indicates that an image was captured. More...
(void) - imageCaptureControl:pitchChangedTo:rollChangedTo:
 A message that indicates the current pitch and roll. More...
(void) - imageCaptureControl:focusStateChanged:
 A message that indicates the camera has begun or finished focusing. More...
(void) - imageCaptureControl:videoSampleAvailable:
 A message that is dispatched whenever a new video sample is available from the camera. More...
(void) - imageCaptureControl:pageDetected:
 A message that indicates page detection has located a document in the camera preview. More...

Detailed Description

This class is a base class for the animation experience.

Method Documentation

◆ stateChanged:()

- (void) stateChanged: (kfxKUICaptureExperienceData *)  data

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