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KFXCreditCardCaptureView Class Reference

#import <KFXCreditCardCaptureView.h>

Inheritance diagram for KFXCreditCardCaptureView:

Instance Methods

(void) - cancelCreditCardCapture

Class Methods

(void) + initializeView
 This message initializes the view and must be sent before it is used. More...


KFXCardStyle CardNumberStyle
NSString * ExtractionServerUrl
NSTimeInterval extraTimeForExpiry
id< KFXCreditCardCapturedDelegatedelegate

Method Documentation

◆ cancelCreditCardCapture()

- (void) cancelCreditCardCapture

This method cancels an active credit card capture.

◆ initializeView()

+ (void) initializeView

This message initializes the view and must be sent before it is used.

This message initializes the view for use and must be sent to the class before it is used. It is ok to send the message more than once.

Property Documentation

◆ CardNumberStyle

- (KFXCardStyle) CardNumberStyle

This property identifies whether a card is either embossed or non-embossed (flat). Setting this property initiates the capture process. Currently non-embossed cards are not supported. This property exists for future compatibility

◆ delegate

- (id<KFXCreditCardCapturedDelegate>) delegate

This property is set to identify the delegate to be called for the methods in this protocol.

◆ ExtractionServerUrl

- (NSString*) ExtractionServerUrl

This property identifies the URL to be used in extracting the card number of a flat or non-embossed card. If this property is nil, the card will be captured and an image returned to the application. In that case, extraction is the responsibility of the application. Extraction from web URL is not supported currently. This property exists for future compatibility

◆ extraTimeForExpiry

- (NSTimeInterval) extraTimeForExpiry

Once the card number has been successfully identified, allow a bit more time to figure out the expiry. The default value is 1 second.

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