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KFXIDExtractionResult Class Reference

ID Extraction Result. More...

#import <kfxKOEIDExtractor.h>

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BOOL isBarcodeRead
 Barcode read success indicator. More...
BOOL isOcrRead
 OCR success indicator. More...
float documentVerificationConfidenceRating
 ID verification confidence rating. More...
NSArray * fields
 An array of extracted fields. More...

Detailed Description

ID Extraction Result.

Represents the result of ID extraction.

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Property Documentation

- (float) documentVerificationConfidenceRating

ID verification confidence rating.

Provides the confidence rating that specified ID was verified. Can take the following values:

  • 0 if front side was not provided or failed to be extracted.
  • 50 if front data was extracted successfully and back side wasn't (or wasn't provided).
  • from 50 to 100 if both sides were extracted successfully. Actual value will depend on difference between front and back values. Higher value means a better match.

Default value is 0.0.

- (NSArray*) fields

An array of extracted fields.

Array of kfxKOEDataField objects.

Default value is nil.

See also
- (BOOL) isBarcodeRead

Barcode read success indicator.

YES if barcode data was provided and extracted successfully (either from back image or barcode string), NO otherwise.

Default value is NO.

- (BOOL) isOcrRead

OCR success indicator.

YES if front side data was provided and extracted successfully, NO otherwise.

Default value is NO.

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