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kfxKEDDocumentDetectionResult Class Reference

A result object returned by the Document Detector. More...

#import <kfxKEDDocumentDetectionResult.h>

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- Instance Methods inherited from kfxKEDDocumentBaseDetectionResult
(void) - resetCachedGuidance
 Resets cached guidance. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from kfxKEDDocumentBaseDetectionResult
KEDDocumentZoomGuidance _zoomGuidance
KEDDocumentTurnGuidance _turnGuidance
KEDDocumentHorizontalGuidance _horizontalMovementGuidance
KEDDocumentVerticalGuidance _verticalMovementGuidance
KEDDocumentOrientationGuidance _orientationGuidance
- Properties inherited from kfxKEDDocumentBaseDetectionResult
 The bounding coordinates of the detected check. More...
UIImage * originalImage
 The original image that was supplied to the CheckDetectionManager object. More...
KEDDocumentZoomGuidance zoomGuidance
 Reports guidance for obtaining the optimal size of a check within the frame. More...
KEDDocumentTurnGuidance turnGuidance
 Reports guidance for correcting off-angle rotation for a check. More...
KEDDocumentHorizontalGuidance horizontalMovementGuidance
 Reports guidance for correcting horizontal position of a check within a frame. More...
KEDDocumentVerticalGuidance verticalMovementGuidance
 Reports guidance for correcting vertical position of a check within a frame. More...
KEDDocumentOrientationGuidance orientationGuidance
 Reports guidance for same document orientation with a frame. More...
CGRect targetRect
 Returns the target rectangle. More...

Detailed Description

A result object returned by the Document Detector.

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