Atalasoft MobileImage API Reference
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1 // API Reference
2 //
3 // kfxErrorInfo.h
4 // Utilties
5 //
6 // Copyright (c) 2012 - 2017 Kofax. Use of this code is with permission pursuant to Kofax license terms.
7 //
8 #ifndef kfxKUTErrorInfoIncluded
9 #define kfxKUTErrorInfoIncluded 1
11 #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
13 #define KMC_GN_BASE 0x1000
14 #define KMC_UI_BASE 0x2000
15 #define KMC_LO_BASE 0x3000
16 #define KMC_CD_BASE 0x4000
17 #define KMC_IP_BASE 0x5000
18 #define KMC_ED_BASE 0x6000
19 #define KMC_UT_BASE 0x7000
20 #define KMC_EX_BASE 0x8000
22 // 0x9000 to 0xAFFF open
24 #define KMC_BC_BASE 0xB000
25 #define KMC_CL_BASE 0xC000
27 #define KMC_EV_BASE 0xE000
30 #define KMC_SUCCESS 0
32 #define KFX_ERROR_DOMAIN @"com.kofax.mobilesdk"
39 typedef enum kfxErrorGeneral {
56 typedef enum kfxKedErrorEngineData {
58  KMC_ED_FILEPATH, // The image object is missing a valid file path. RCA: Set the file path before calling write or read file methods.
59  KMC_ED_MIMETYPE, // The image object has an invalid mimetype setting. RCA: Set a valid mimetype before calling the write image method.
60  KMC_ED_NOIMAGE, // No image object is specified for writing. RCA: Setup a valid image buffer for use with writing the image.
61  KMC_ED_IMAGELEAK, // The image buffer is not nil, therefore the read operation would create a memory leak. RCA: Be sure to free the memory before reading in a new image.
62  KMC_ED_INVALID_COLOR, // The output color depth is not 1,8 or 24,
63  KMC_ED_NONEXISTENT_FILE, // the file does not exist
71  KMC_ED_IMAGE_IS_SCALED, // D // not ios
75  KMC_ED_ILLEGAL_STATE, // 0x10, 16
100  KMC_ED_UNRECOGNIZED_MIME_TYPE, // The Mime type of the specified image file path cannot be determined, or is unsupported.
101  //Make sure the image file specified is one of the supported Mime types: TIFF, JPEG, PNG.
103  KMC_ED_BITMAP_DIMENSIONS_IMMUTABLE, // The bitmap dimensions (width, height) cannot be set because this Image object is already represented by an immutable bitmap.
104  //Make sure the Image object representation is either IMAGE_REP_FILE or IMAGE_REP_UNKNOWN before attempting to specify bitmap dimensions.
107  KMC_ED_BITMAP_DIMENSIONS_NO_UPSCALE, // The bitmap dimensions (width, height) cannot be set larger than the original file-based representation of this Image object.
108  //Make sure the bitmap dimensions specified are smaller than those of the original file-based image representation. Only bitmap downscaling is supported.
110  KMC_ED_IMAGE_FILE_DIMENSIONS_ERROR, // 38: The image file dimensions (width, height) cannot be determined.
111  //There was an internal SDK problem attempting to read the image dimensions from the image file path contained in the Image object.
113  KMC_ED_IMAGE_INVALID_SCALING_FACTOR, // 39: The scaling factor selected for this image object is invalid.
114  // The scaling factor supported for each image object is between 0.1 and 1.0. A scaling factor of 1.0 means no scaling is performed.
116  KMC_ED_IMAGE_PERFECTION_PROFILE_EMPTY, // 40: The ImagePerfectionProfile contains no image processing operations.
117  //Specify some image processing operations in the ipOperations property or ipOperationsFilePath property of the ImagePerfectionProfile.
119  KMC_ED_OBJECT_REP_NO_BITMAP, // 41: The current image representation does not include a bitmap.
120  //the operation requested requires an image representation which includes a bitmap. The image representation should be either IMAGE_REP_BITMAP or IMAGE_REP_BOTH
122  KMC_ED_BUFFER_EXISTS, // 42: The file buffer for writing already exists, and the buffer contents would be lost.
123  // Make sure you clear the file buffer before writing with the same bitmap to prevent data loss.
125  KMC_ED_BUFFER, // 43: The image object is missing a valid file buffer.
126  // Write the bitmap to a file buffer before calling the read file from buffer method.
128  KMC_ED_BUFFER_ALREADY_CLEARED, // 44: The file buffer has already been cleared.
129  // This warning indicates you did not need to clear the file buffer when it was already cleared.
132  KMC_ED_OBJECT_REP_MISMATCH, // 45 new for image write to buffer.
133  KMC_ED_ALREADY_BUFFERED, // 46 new for buffered files.
134  KMC_ED_DELETE_BUFFERED_FILE, //47 new for buffered file
135  KMC_ED_NO_MEMORY_FOR_BUFFERED_FILE, // 48 for write to buffer.
136  KMC_ED_BUFFERED_READ_FAILED, // 49 new for read from buffer for PNG
137  KMC_ED_NO_BUFFERED_IMAGE, // 50 no buffered image to read from.
140  KMC_ED_RESTRICTION_MIMETYPE_MISMATCH, // 53 invalid mine type for ANSI X9 tiff output
141  KMC_ED_RESTRICTION_INVALID_COLOR, // 54 invalid output color setting for ANSI X9 tiff output
142  KMC_ED_RESTRICTION_INVALID_DPI, // 55 invalid dpi for ANSI X9 tiff output
153 typedef enum kfxErrorUIControls {
178  KMC_UI_INVALID_LEVEL_THRESHOLD, // The level threshold for pitch or roll is invalid for the requested operation.
179  KMC_UI_TORCH_UNAVAILABLE, // The torch is unsupported or unavailable.
188 typedef enum kfxErrorLogistics {
192  KMC_LO_SERVER_URL_NOT_SET, // the URL is nil
193  KMC_LO_USERNAME_NOT_SET, // 3, user name or password found nil on login
206  KMC_LO_DOMAIN, // domain string found nil on login
207  KMC_LO_EMAIL, // if not demo server, email is nil on login
208  KMC_LO_NOT_REGISTERED, // not registered yet
213  KMC_LO_NOT_LOGGED_IN, // 21: KMC_LO_NOT_LOGGED_IN: You are not logged in
214  //Use the register and then login methods for normal sequences.
215  KMC_LO_USER_LOGOUT_ERROR, // 22: An error occurred attempting to logout from the Server.
216  //Check your network connection, and make sure that you are successfully logged in prior to calling the logout() method.
218  KMC_LO_TASK_LOCK_ACQUIRE_ERROR, // 23: Attempt to acquire a lock for the task associated with this method failed.
219  // Internal unexpected error. No recommendation.
221  KMC_LO_NO_OPERATION_TO_CANCEL, // 24: There is no currently running operation to cancel.
222  //You can only cancel a running operation.
224  KMC_LO_OPERATION_NOT_CANCELLABLE, // 25: The currently running operation cannot be cancelled.
225  //You can only cancel a running operation that supports cancellation. Check the developer guide to see what operations are cancellable.
227  KMC_LO_OPERATION_CANCELLED, // 26: The currently running operation was successfully cancelled.
228  //The operation has been cancelled, and the SESSION_STATE has returned to the previous state.
230  KMC_LO_INVALID_DOCUMENT_TYPE_NAME, // 27: The DocumentType name specified is not valid or not available on the Server.
231  //Make sure the DocumentType name specified corresponds to a valid DocumentType on the Server. Check with your Administrator to confirm the DocumentType requested is still available.
233  KMC_LO_DOWNLOAD_DOCUMENT_FIELDS_ERROR, // 28: An error occurred attempting to download document fields from the Server.
234  // Check your network connection and ask your Administrator to confirm that document fields for the DocumentType requested are still available.
236  KMC_LO_SUBMIT_PNG, // 29: when you submit a document that has an image represented by a PNG file mimetype.
237  KMC_LO_SUBMIT_BITMAP, // 30: when someone tries to submit an image of a document when it is a bitmap representation. The image rep must be FILE or BOTH, and the FILE representation could be FILE_BUFFERED or FILE_STORED.
241  //Msg: KMC_LO_START_SUBMIT_JOB_ERROR: An error occurred attempting to start a document submission job.
242  //Des: Check your network connection and ask your Administrator to confirm that your user credentials are valid. Make sure that your device is still registered.
245  // KMC_LO_SUBMIT_DOCUMENT_IMAGES_ERROR: An error occurred attempting to submit images and fields within a document to the Server.
246  //Check your network connection and ask your Administrator to confirm that your user credentials are valid and that your DocumentType is recognized by the Server.
249  //KMC_LO_START_SUBMIT_INVALID_JOB_ID: An invalid or missing job ID was detected while starting a document submission job.
250  //Ask your Administrator to confirm that your Server is configured to accept new document submission jobs.
254  //KMC_LO_SUBMIT_DOCUMENT_FILEIO_ERROR: While preparing a document for submission, a file I/O error occurred reading an image file in one of the pages.
255  // Make sure the image file referenced by the Image object in the Document still exists and your application has appropriate file access permissions.
258  // KMC_LO_SUBMIT_DOCUMENT_FILE_CLOSE_ERROR: While preparing a document for submission, a file close error occurred after reading an image file in one of the pages.
259  // Make sure the image file referenced by the Image object in the Document still exists and your application has appropriate file access permissions.
262  // KMC_LO_SUBMIT_DOCUMENT_NO_IMAGE_ERROR: The document to be submitted contains no pages with images.
263  // Make sure each Document contains at least one page with one image before submitting.
266  // KMC_LO_PAGE_IMAGE_INDEX_INVALID: The Image index specified for the current page is invalid.
267  // Make sure the Image index is >= 0 and < the total number of images in this page.
270  // KMC_LO_SUBMIT_DOCUMENT_MIMETYPE_ERROR: The MIME type specified for one or more of the Images in the Document is not supported for submission to the Server.
271  // Use a MIME type supported by the Server for each image in the Document to be submitted.
273  // KMC_LO_SUBMIT_DOCUMENT_IMAGE_REP_ERROR: The Image Representation specified for one or more of the Images in the Document is not supported for submission to the Server.
274  // Use an Image Representation supported by the Server for each image in the Document to be submitted.
277  // KMC_LO_SUBMIT_DOCUMENT_IMAGE_FILE_MISSING: The Image file indicated by the Image object in the Page cannot be found or has been deleted.
278  // When submitting a Document the Image objects in the Pages must reference existing Image files in the storage system.
281  // An error occurred while attempting to cancel the running operation. The operation has been terminated.
282  // Check your network connection and ask your Administrator to confirm that the operation was successfully cancelled. Some manual clean-up may be necessary if normal cancellation procedures did not complete.
285  // KMC_LO_INVALID_SESSION_STATE_TRANSITION: Attempt to transition from one Session State to a subsequent Session State, where the target State is not reachable from the current State.
286  // Internal unexpected error. No recommendation.
288  // KMC_LO_REGISTERING_NOT_ALLOWED: Registering is not allowed from this session state.
289  // You should log out and then re-register.
292  // An error occurred attempting to download scan settings.
293  // Check your network availability, server URL or WiFi connection.
295  // Attempt to acquire a lock for the event associated with this method failed.
296  // (Android specific)
299  // Network error: Could not connect to the server
300  // Check your web services, the actual URL that you are using and verify the server port number.
302  // Network error: A secure connection is not possible with this URL.
303  // If you want to use SSL, using the prefix https://, then the server to which the URL is directed must allow a secure connection. Verify your URL and port number as well as the services path appended to the end of your URL.
305  // Network error: The request timed out.
306  // Even though web services are available, there was no response to your web service request. Contact your server administrator to ensure that it is active and available.
308  // Network error: The network services are not available.
309  // Check your device for WiFi services enabled or turn off “Airplane mode”.
312  // Could not authenticate this request.
313  // Check your URL used with the request, and the request type. This may an internal library failure, which is detected by the low-level web services logic.
315  // Network error: The specified host is not available
316  // Check your web services, the actual URL you are using, and ensure the server address is correct. If it is correct, contact your server administrator to ensure that it is active and available.
318  // Network error: The server request resulted in an unknown web services error.
319  // This default error occurs when the library could not determine the cause for the web services error. This normally indicates a unique communication error. After verifying your URL, Wifi connection, retry your server operation.
322  // Network error: The certificate is invalid .
323  // The certificate for this server is invalid. You might be connecting to a server which could put your confidential information at risk.
355 typedef enum kfxErrorEv {
375  KMC_EV_PDF_BAD, // 0x11
400 typedef enum kfxClassifier {
424 typedef enum kfxErrorUtilities {
478 /*
479  This enum defines the error codes for the kfxKBRBarcodeReader engine.
480  */
484  KMC_BC_BAD_FILENAME, // Invalid filename
485  KMC_BC_IMAGE_BUFFERED, // Buffered image is not supported
486  KMC_BC_NO_DIRECTIONS, // Search direction not specified
487  KMC_BC_NO_SYMBOLOGIES, // Symbology was not specified
488  KMC_BC_NO_REPRESENTATION, // Input file has no representation
489  KMC_BC_INVALID_IMAGE, // Invalid image data
490  KMC_BC_BUSY, // Read op already in progress
491  KMC_BC_NO_BARCODE_FOUND, // No barcode found on image
499 typedef enum kfxErrorExtraction {
535 @interface kfxError : NSObject
537 // ==========================================================
544 + (NSString *) findErrMsg: (int) inputErrorCode;
547 // ==========================================================
554 + (NSString *) findErrDesc: (int) inputErrorCode;
556 @end
557 #endif
Image Perfection Errors enum.
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:355
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:384
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:154
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:406
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:304
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:340
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:81
#define KMC_ED_BASE
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:18
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:469
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:215
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:265
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:248
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:135
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:179
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:136
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:411
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:486
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:376
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:408
Logistics Errors enum.
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:464
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:60
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:522
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:362
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:138
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:341
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:176
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:523
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:490
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:404
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:116
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:365
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:360
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:168
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:434
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:393
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:426
enum kfxErrorUtilities KFX_ERROR_UTILITIES
Utilities Errors enum.
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:122
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:429
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:207
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:317
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:181
enum kfxKedErrorEngineData KFX_ERROR_ENGINE_DATA
Engine Data Errors enum.
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:405
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:90
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:98
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:388
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:233
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:314
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:208
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:119
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:199
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:501
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:280
Extraction errors enum.
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:499
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:69
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:380
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:171
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:88
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:64
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:359
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:170
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:201
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:378
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:76
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:402
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:291
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:412
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:213
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:195
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:366
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:144
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:67
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:416
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:367
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:433
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:450
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:40
UI Control Errors enum.
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:153
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:520
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:489
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:337
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:452
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:113
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:441
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:236
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:400
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:191
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:87
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:517
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:506
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:46
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:428
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:294
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:169
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:59
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:253
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:347
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:383
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:146
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:107
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:510
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:514
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:163
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:425
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:431
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:210
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:193
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:156
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:379
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:435
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:158
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:178
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:507
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:339
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:460
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:449
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:443
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:518
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:336
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:78
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:440
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:139
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:93
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:444
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:505
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:157
#define KMC_GN_BASE
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:13
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:209
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:63
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:96
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:61
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:521
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:472
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:491
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:175
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:140
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:343
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:321
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:377
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:227
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:447
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:484
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:439
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:432
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:190
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:261
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:204
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:298
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:392
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:371
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:244
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:86
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:459
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:172
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:224
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:94
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:427
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:92
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:237
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:134
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:483
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:385
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:488
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:487
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:84
An error lookup reference class.
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:535
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:375
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:504
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:110
#define KMC_EV_BASE
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:27
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:95
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:381
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:165
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:287
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:62
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:492
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:470
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:173
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:524
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:471
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:162
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:407
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:276
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:324
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:386
enum kfxClassifier KFX_ERROR_CLASSIFIER
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:320
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:370
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:311
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:338
enum kfxErrorGeneral KFX_ERROR_GENERAL
General Errors enum.
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:194
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:467
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:430
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:166
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:206
#define KMC_UT_BASE
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:19
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:361
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:512
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:334
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:368
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:85
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:71
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:395
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:364
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:58
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:100
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:230
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:508
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:77
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:335
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:525
Image Perfection Errors enum.
Engine Data Errors enum.
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:56
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:448
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:511
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:382
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:161
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:410
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:451
Image Processor Errors enum.
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:332
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:44
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:103
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:269
#define KMC_IP_BASE
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:17
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:463
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:272
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:45
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:89
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:240
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:437
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:387
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:301
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:211
Utilities Errors enum.
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:424
enum kfxErrorExtraction KFX_ERROR_EXTRACTION
Extraction errors enum.
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:75
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:159
enum kfxErrorBarcodeReader KFX_ERROR_BARCODE_READER
An enumeration containing the different error return types.
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:333
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:42
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:456
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:445
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:390
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:458
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:369
#define KMC_EX_BASE
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:20
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:403
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:372
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:132
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:128
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:409
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:500
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:164
enum kfxErrorImageProcessor KFX_ERROR_IMAGE_PROCESSOR
Image Processor Errors enum.
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:462
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:72
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:133
#define KMC_LO_BASE
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:15
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:502
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:66
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:391
#define KMC_CL_BASE
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:25
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:342
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:485
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:468
Logistics Errors enum.
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:188
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:284
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:446
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:137
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:198
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:374
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:413
UI Control Errors enum.
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:363
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:414
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:438
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:192
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:515
An enumeration containing the different error return types.
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:481
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:482
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:513
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:397
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:457
General Errors enum.
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:39
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:389
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:197
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:43
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:373
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:436
#define KMC_BC_BASE
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:24
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:82
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:218
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:57
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:455
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:48
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:466
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:80
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:509
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:142
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:394
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:167
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:141
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:200
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:519
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:453
#define KMC_UI_BASE
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:14
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:454
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:257
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:503
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:357
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:73
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:465
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:160
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:177
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:212
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:196
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:461
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:307
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:174
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:442
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:203
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:516
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:65
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:68
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:125
Definition: kfxKUTErrorInfo.h:221
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