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kfxCheckCaptureViewController Class Reference

Check capture view controller. More...

#import <kfxCheckCaptureViewController.h>

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 The parameters of the check capture view controller object. More...
id< kfxCheckCaptureViewControllerDelegatedelegate
 The delegate of the check capture view controller object. More...
- Properties inherited from kfxCaptureViewController
id< kfxKUTCertificateValidatorDelegatecertificateValidatorDelegate
 The certificate validator delegate. More...

Detailed Description

Check capture view controller.

The kfxCheckCaptureViewController class creates a controller object that allows the user to capture a photo of the check, and optionally process the captured image and extract the data.

Before presenting kfxCheckCaptureViewController you must specify the parameters and delegate objects.

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Property Documentation

◆ delegate

- (id<kfxCheckCaptureViewControllerDelegate>) delegate

The delegate of the check capture view controller object.

The delegate receives notifications when check capture finishes or closes.

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◆ parameters

- (kfxCheckCaptureParameters*) parameters

The parameters of the check capture view controller object.

Check capture parameters object allows the user to customize various aspects of kfxCheckCaptureViewController behavior including visual look and feel, processing and extraction functonality. Updating parameters object is not eligible after kfxCheckCaptureViewController was presented into the screen.

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