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<kfxKOEIDExtractorDelegate> Protocol Reference

ID Extraction Protocol. More...

#import <kfxKOEIDExtractor.h>

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Instance Methods

(void) - extractionResult:frontError:backError:
 Extraction Results delegate method. More...

Detailed Description

ID Extraction Protocol.

The kfxKOEIDExtractorDelegate defines the protocol for the delegate ID Extractor calls during extraction.

Method Documentation

- (void) extractionResult: (KFXIDExtractionResult *)  result
frontError: (NSError *)  frontError
backError: (NSError *)  backError 

Extraction Results delegate method.

This method is called when the extraction is completed and provides the extraction results and errors. Front and back errors may contain an array of additional errors, accessible via userInfo key KFXAdditionalErrorsKey. E.g. NSArray* additionalFrontErrors = frontError.userInfo[KFXAdditionalErrorsKey];

The implementation of this method is required.

result: a KFXIDExtractionResult object with extraction result data. Can be nil in case of some errors like invalid parameters.
frontError: a NSError object which represent front side extraction error. If there was no error or front side was not provided (but back side was) it will be nil.
backError: a NSError object which represent back side extraction error. If there was no error or back side was not provided (but front side was) it will be nil.
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