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<KFXBundleFileProtocol> Protocol Reference

Bundle file protocol. More...

#import <KFXBundleProtocol.h>

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Instance Methods

(BOOL) - isDirectory
 Is directory. More...
(NSString *) - getFilePathWithError:
 Get path to file. More...
(void) - writeFileToPath:error:
 Write file to specified path. More...
(NSString *) - absolutePath
 Absolute file path. More...
(NSString *) - name
 File name. More...

Detailed Description

Bundle file protocol.

This class represents a single file inside a corresponding bundle.

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Method Documentation

- (NSString*) absolutePath

Absolute file path.

The absolute path within whatever storage container this file resides.

absolute path to file.
- (NSString*) getFilePathWithError: (NSError **)  error

Get path to file.

This method allows to obtain default path to file. Default implementations write files to application's temporary directory. This path may be overwritten by other files during bundle enumeration. If file is needed to be stored for future usage, use writeFileToPath: method.

error- will contain error if there is any.
path to file.
- (BOOL) isDirectory

Is directory.

Indicates if the file is a directory.

YES if file is a directory and NO otherwise.
- (NSString*) name

File name.

File name without any path information.

file name.
- (void) writeFileToPath: (NSString *)  path
error: (NSError **)  error 

Write file to specified path.

This method allows to write file to a custom path.

path- custom path to the file.
error- will contain error if there is any.

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