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kfxKUICheckCaptureExperienceCriteriaHolder Class Reference

This class allows the check related criteria to be configured. More...

#import <kfxKUICheckCaptureExperienceCriteriaHolder.h>

Inheritance diagram for kfxKUICheckCaptureExperienceCriteriaHolder:
kfxKUIDocumentBaseCaptureExperienceCriteriaHolder kfxKUICaptureExperienceCriteriaHolder


 Check detection settings object. More...
- Properties inherited from kfxKUICaptureExperienceCriteriaHolder
BOOL stabilityThresholdEnabled
 Whether the stability threshold is enabled. More...
int stabilityThreshold
 The stability threshold value. More...
BOOL pitchThresholdEnabled
 Whether the Pitch threshold is enabled. More...
int pitchThreshold
 The Pitch threshold value. More...
BOOL rollThresholdEnabled
 Whether the Roll threshold is enabled. More...
int rollThreshold
 The Roll threshold value. More...
BOOL focusConstraintEnabled
 Whether the Focus constraint is enabled. More...
BOOL pageOrientationEnabled
 Whether to detect if the orientaion of page results in optimum overlap of page and Imagecapturecontrol. More...
BOOL refocusBeforeCaptureEnabled
 Whether to refocus before taking a picture. More...
NSTimeInterval holdSteadyDelay
 The delay for how long hold steady message should be shown before starting the capture. More...
BOOL pageDetectionEnabled
 Whether the page detection constraint is enabled. More...

Detailed Description

This class allows the check related criteria to be configured.

This class allows all of the capture related parameters to be configured.

Property Documentation

◆ checkDetectionSettings

- (kfxKEDCheckDetectionSettings*) checkDetectionSettings

Check detection settings object.

A collection of values that control the behavior of check detection experience. Pass nil for the experience of default setting.

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