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<KFXBundleProtocol> Protocol Reference

Bundle protocol. More...

#import <KFXBundleProtocol.h>

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Instance Methods

(void) - enumerateUsingBlock:
 Iteration through bundle contents. More...

Detailed Description

Bundle protocol.

This protocol represents a generic collection of KFXBundleFileProtocol. Used to unify interaction between different containers like archives or bundles and file system.

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Method Documentation

- (void) enumerateUsingBlock: (void(^)(id< KFXBundleFileProtocol > file, BOOL *stop, NSError *error))  block

Iteration through bundle contents.

This methods allows to iterate through this bundle contents.

block- enumeration callback:
  • file: current file. May be nil in case of an error.
  • stop: allows to stop iteration.
  • error: will contain an error if there is an error during iteration.

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