DotImage TIFF Codec

Read, write, manipulate, and convert multi-page TIFF files

Our codec is designed for performance, quality, compatibility, and ease of use in a .NET environment.



Tagged Image File Format (Known as TIFF or TIF) is a file format for storing images and raster documents. It is widely supported, and used extensively in field of Document Management and Digital Photography. Atalasoft's proprietary TIFF Codec is included in DotImage, an Imaging Toolkit for .NET Developers. It gives .NET application developers the ability to read, write, manipulate, and convert nearly any flavor of TIFF file, even non-standard JPEG compressed images, favored by some legacy applications.
The following features are supported:

  • Read and write multi-paged TIFF documents
  • Read all colorspaces into the following DotImage native colorspaces: 1-bit bitonal, 4-bit palette, 8-bit grayscale, 8-bit palette, 16-bit grayscale, 24-bit RGB, 32-bit RGBA, 32-bit CMYK, 48-bit RGB, and 64-bit RGBA.
  • Supports all known compression formats including: No-Compression, Packbits, Modified Huffman RLE, CCIT Group 3, CCIT Group4, LZW, Flate, JPEG Type 6, and JPEG Type 7.
  • Supports reading and writing Stripped and Tiled TIFF's
  • Read and write standard and customer Tags
  • Read and write EXIF Data, with an EXIF Parser
  • Read and write IPTC Data, with an IPTC Parser
  • Includes fast, easy-to-use tools for manipulating or merging the pages of multiple TIFF documents without re-encoding the image data.
  • Supports Color Management with ICC Color Profiles
  • Faster, more robust, and supports more flavors of images than LibTIFF.
  • Supports little endian and big endian data formats.
Our TIFF Codec is fully supported in the DotImage Document Imaging toolkit designed for .NET Developers.

Viewing TIFF's

DotImage Document Imaging includes Image Viewing components for viewing multi-page TIFF Documents in a zero-footprint AJAX-Enabled ASP.NET Client and Windows Forms Controls for viewing in a .NET Desktop Application. read more

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Customer Quotes

"DotImage is simply the best .NET imaging toolkit on the market. We have used several competing products but none of them are built around the .NET architecture like DotImage - so they are harder to use and more complex to distribute."
- David Cardinal, CEO, ProShooters LLC

"Working with Atalasoft has been 'awesome'. The Atalasoft support team was helpful in getting us familiar with the product. DotImage speaks for itself - the organization, the API, and level of abstration. Kudos to Atalasoft."
- Joe Aparo, Senior Developer, EBSCO

"Using Atalasoft's DotImage toolkit, we are offering a single yet scalable and flexible imaging solution to our customers, enabling them to utilize Image Connect across multiple applications as their needs change."
- Brad Kahnamoui, Product Manager, Thomson Elite

"The state is saving thousands of dollars per year and serving its constituents faster than ever. Our software maintenance cost went from about $7,500 annually to less than $300"
(After working with our customer Envoc)
- Marty Beasley, Manager of Geographic Information Systems, Louisiana Office of State Lands

"The Graduate School Office feels very strongly that this system has gone beyond being merely useful and has entered the realm of being necessary. It has allowed us a safe and long-lasting method for archiving student and other records which may need to be accessed in a timely manner. Our ability to view these imaged documents quickly has saved much in terms of valuable staff time which would otherwise be spent going through paper documents in storage cabinets."
- Sandra M. Powers - Dean of Undergraduate Studies, The College of Charleston

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