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How to Create a Custom Submittable PDF Form and Capture User Input From It

programmatically create a PDF form using DotPdf, stream it to a client computer through a website, then parse the data upon the client’s submission. Full article 

Web Document Viewer Tutorial

This guide will take you through setting up a basic web page containing an embedded Web Document Viewer and displaying an initial document in it. Full article 

How to Make PDF your Imaging Format

PDF can have a lot more than just images in it. It has metadata and can also store annotations and recognized text. PDF viewers are everywhere. These are some things you should think about putting in your capture and viewing workflow.  Full article 

Automatically Creating Bookmarks in a Searchable PDF

PDF documents may include a tree of bookmarks that can be added to a document. Using the Atalasoft OCR module with the PDF Translator, it is possible to author these bookmarks automatically.  Full article 

Building PDF Documents with DotImage

In DotImage 9.0, Atalasoft is providing a set of .NET tools that can take collections of PDF documents, in part or in whole, and assemble them into new documents. Full article 

Printing Documents in Silverlight

Printing Documents in SilverlightDotImage 9.0 introduces support for printing in Silverlight when used with Silverlight 4. This article will cover the steps for building a simple Silverlight 4.0 application with Visual Studio 2010 that will print all of the images loaded in our SilverlightImageViewer. Full article 

Creating a Document Annotation WinForms Application

DotImage 9.0 introduces a new WinForm control named DocumentAnnotationViewer. This is a composite control containing our ThumbnailView, AnnotateViewer and an optional Splitter that sits between them.  Full article 

Using DotImage to Scan Documents into the Cloud

Got a stack of paper, a scanner, and an account on Scribd? Then this project is for you. With DotImage, Visual Studio, and a little bit of code, you can quickly and easily write a Scan-to-Scribd desktop application to put those documents online. Free sample code and step-by-step instructions! Full article 

Recognizing Barcodes in PDF and TIFF Documents

Multipage business documents and reports sometimes use barcodes to aid in routing and indexing. Using the DotImage .NET PDF Reader, .NET TIFF Codec, and Barcode Recognition for .NET Add-on, it's easy to read the barcodes and use them to automate workflows or find these documents in a repository. Full article 

TIFF and PDF: What's the Difference and How to Convert Between Them

TIFF and PDF are the two most popular formats for document imaging. The primary reasons are that they both can store multiple pages in one file and both allow each page to have different sizes and compression. However, knowing the differences will help you choose between the two formats. Full article 

Optical Mark Recognition with DotImage

This article will take you through the steps of recognizing the marks on standard forms using the image processing functionality in DotImage. Full article 

Using the Flexibility of the TIFF Document Format and DotImage to Solve Problems

Because of the flexibility of TIFF, it can be a challenge to write programs that honor all the possible conditions that are present in a TIFF file. The Windows Picture and Fax Viewer attempts to do this, but it only understands white is zero as a photometric interpretation. I hear about this issue most often from customers who are generating TIFF images and are puzzled when they open one in the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer and it comes out inverted. For that, I've created a small chunk of code that can normalize 1-bit images to white is zero Full article 

Generating a Website Color Scheme from an Image

How can a color scheme be extracted from an image? The problem with determining a color scheme is that there are too many colors in the image, yet the algorithm to convert the image must find a set of colors that most accurately represents the original. Atalasoft provides the code right here. Full article 

ThinDoc: Zero-Footprint, Full-Screen PDF Viewer

PDFs are probably the most popular digital document exchange format on the planet. ThinDoc simplifies things by providing a Zero-Footprint PDF Viewer allowing you to view PDFs without downloading them. Full article 

Building a Visual Studio DebuggerVisualizer with a Custom Serializer

For most any Serializeable object, making a DebuggerVisualizer is simple and examples abound. However, if you are trying to build a DebuggerVisualizer for an object which is not Serializable or takes too long to Serialize and Deserialize, things are not quite so simple. Full article 

TIFF Editing Made Simple

How to create an application to split, merge, and reorder TIFFs in a Few Minutes – Source Code and EXE Provided Full article 

Hey! Is That My Car? How to Sharpen a QuickBird Satellite Image Using DotImage

Atalasoft leverages their DotImage toolkit to manipulate color channels for the purpose of image enhancement, in this case satellite images. The article is a tutorial on image enhancement and it includes all source code and test images. Full article 

Case Study: Bringing WinForms Controls to the Web with AJAX

Atalasoft decided to create web versions of their WinForms imaging controls. This case study outlines the requirements and analysis used to determine which technology was used in order to get migrate functionality to the browser: AJAX vs. Java vs. ActiveX vs. Flash. Full article 

Converting Scanned Document Images to Searchable PDFs with OCR

Demonstrates the use of Atalasoft's DotImage GlyphReader OCR to enable .NET applications to digitize paper documents as searchable PDFs that can be indexed by search engines. Full article 

Cleaning Document Images on the Web with AJAX

This article will show you how to use the Atalasoft DotImage AJAX-enabled Web Image Viewer and Web Thumbnail control to navigate multi-page TIFFs, add controls to call clean-up routines, and update the browser without a post-back. Full article 

Effective Handling of Multiple Images Using Atalasoft DotImage

Atalasoft DotImage includes many tools for manipulating or analyzing images. Included in it is a class ImageSource which allows to work effectively with an arbitrary number of images without worrying about the details of where they come from and how they’re managed. Full article 

The Atalasoft OCR engine

Convert images to plain text with the Atalasoft suite of OCR objects. Full article 
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