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Atalasoft JoltImage - Java Document Imaging SDK

Constantly updated, not abandonware. Full developer support team to help you along the way.

Build a Web Document Viewer
HTML AJAX and Silverlight Web Viewing

View and annotate large, multi-page documents instantly over the web with our industry pioneering on-demand imaging technology. »


Combine with Web Scanning
Build a Web Scanning App

Enable remote users to automatically scan and clean documents using a web browser and a local scanner. Captured images can then be sent to an external repository. »

PDF and TIFF Support

Re-order, delete, edit, cleanup, or convert PDFs using the AtalaImage class. All formats are treated the same in code. Supports PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, and BMP formats. »

Remarkable Human Support
Remarkable Human Support

Our team of in-house developer support engineers are dedicated to making your project a success. Let us prove this to you by calling us from 8am to 7pm Eastern. »

Barcode Reading

Add advanced barcode recognition of images to your Java applications. It reads industry standardized 1-D and 2-D barcode symbologies to classify your documents. »

Included Tesseract OCR
Tesseract OCR Engine

Get textual data from captured documents and sort documents into your workflow. Convert scanned images directly and automaticly into searchable PDF. »

Allow end-users to capture and process documents

Easily add high-speed image and PDF viewing, annotating, scanning, image processing, and conversion into any Java application or Java backed website. Unlimited Deployment options are also available - ask your account manager.

  • Dramatically reduce the time it takes to build imaging into your Java applications
  • Reduce developer required knowlege to work with most image formats
  • Get implementation assistance from our remarkable in-house support team through phone or web support

Ready to try JoltImage for yourself?

  • Try all features for 30 days with full access to our support team
  • Request a Proof of Concept application from sales@atalasoft.com
  • Start from Capture and WebViewing sample applications included in the download package.
Download JoltImageSDK

Atalasoft JoltImage supports the following environments:

  • Java 1.6 and above
  • Deployable in standards-compliant J2EE Servlet containers
  • Any Java IDE compatible with Java 1.6
  • APIs designed for Java, but use any language that can be compiled to JVM bytecode
  • Browsers supported include IE7+, FireFox, Chrome, Safari

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