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PDF Reader/Decoder SDK for Java

Included with Atalasoft JoltImage SDK

Integrates PDF viewing and format conversion into JoltImage.

JoltImage PDF Reader Overview

JoltImage PDF Reader quickly decodes PDF documents into color or grayscale raster images, seamlessly plugging into JoltImage and associated image viewing components as an image decoder. Supports complicated PDFs with vectors, text, patterns, and transparency as well as simple image-only PDFs. Extract the images out of the PDF, rasterize the vector objects to a new image, or render directly onto a printer with absolutely no Adobe Acrobat dependencies.

Feature List

  • Add High speed viewing of PDF documents to your applications
  • Convert PDFs to raster images in the JoltImage Image Viewers without the Adobe Acrobat SDK.
  • Convert PDF Documents into any supported JoltImage image format (multipage TIFF, JPEG, etc).
  • Specify a resolution to use when rasterizing the PDF for instant PDF thumbnails
  • Supports CCIT G3, G4, Flate, and JPEG embedded images
  • Supports PDF Specification versions 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6 
  • Supports all font types: Type1, TrueType, Type0, Type3
  • Supports all text rendering modes (full, stroke, clipping)
  • Supports tiling patterns and shadings
  • Supports all colorspaces: RGB, Gray, CMYK, ICCBased, Lab, Indexed, and Separation.

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