License an EXE for Deployment

    In order to deploy an application using DotImage, DotAnnotate or DotTwain, the .exe file must be licensed correctly.  KB article 10128 provides detailed information about how to accomplish thi... [Read More]

    Add annotations to a Pdf without rasterizing

    Using our PdfAnnotationExporter allows you to export your annotations over your pdf without changing the pdf. This allows you to add annotations over an already searchable pdf and to leave a non im... [Read More]

    Enable Trace Logging in DotTwain

    DotTwain has tracing code added to it in order to help us debug a problem.  You can enable tracing by adding an Application Configuration File (app.config) to your project.  Then add the following ... [Read More]

    Registering the PDF Reader (PDF Rasterizer)

    If you are trying to read a PDF without using the PdfDecoder directly and you want DotImage to discover the type automatically, you need to register the PdfDecoder so that DotImage knows that it ca... [Read More]

    HOWTO: How to Load Glyph Reader Resources

    If you are using the GlyphReader OCR Engine, and you get the error "Specified module could not be found." at Startup then place the below code in your project in a static constructor that will be c... [Read More]

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